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Arch Linux news: Perl updated to 5.20


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Not seeing this as being Arch Linux specific as I am sure other distros will be updating Perl as well. Though how they deal with this upgrade very well could be specific to their developers.


Florian Pritz wrote:


Perl 5.20, as any other new perl version, requires all modules that are not

purely perl code to be rebuilt. We did that for all packages in our repos.


The last couple major updates printed an error message when trying to load

modules built against the wrong version, 5.20 seems to cause segfaults. Please

make sure to rebuild all custom installed CPAN modules and binaries that link to



Refer to [my post on arch-dev-public][1] for a script that helps to find those



[1] https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-dev-public/2014-June/026359.html


URL: https://www.archlinux.org/news/perl-updated-to-520/

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Thanks for the head's up Ian. You beat me to the post.... B)


Um, I guess I already have that version as it was updated on Sunday. Gotta love Testing.

comhack@Cerberus ~ % pacman -Qi perl | grep Version

Version : 5.20.0-2

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I keep saying I am going to uncomment the testing repo and I never seem to remember too ;)

If you don't have any modules that a specifically coded with Perl then it's a moot point. Obviously you have not noticed anything on your machine breaking.

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