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Even gurus giving up on Windows


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V.T. Eric Layton

I have a couple oldie-goldies out in the shop and in here in the house, but my "special antique" is an old Gateway that runs what many consider one of the finest microprocessors ever produced by American Micro Devices... the Athlon K7 Thunderbird.


The AMD Athlon K7 machine that I actually built and used as my main system back then (ericsbane02) is still being used by the friend that I gave it to 5 years ago. The AMD Athlon K7 that I have out in my shop was one of my brother's old systems.


What a workhorse that K7 was! And Oh! How it liked being overclocked. ;)


AMD Athlon K7 Thunderbird CPU

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Guest LilBambi

Yeah... I have a user that is seemingly incapable of learning anything new. She had a rash of learning back in 98-2000, and since than has not taken the time or been able (hard to say which) to learn anything new. I think she's still on xp, but does have an iPhone/iPad.


Switching her office suite, for example, would be disastrous. She knows that x widget is contained in the Y menu, etc. She even uses stationary in her email! *puke*




Yuck on the outlook express stationary crap!


As if anyone else would see that stationary the way she does if they don't use outlook express. ;)

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I have found that either Linux Mint 13 MATE or Xubuntu 12.04 seem to be good choices on a variety of old hardware.

Nonetheless I have given up on the idea of installing Linux on Athlon XP and Pentium III or older. Flash won't work any more and unless you are using the machine as a CLI appliance, you'll likely want Flash to operate.

There seems to be about a 10 year rolling window for old hardware with Linux. When I started it was ca. 1997 or newer machines worked well. Now it's about 2004 or newer. I do have a 1998 Pentium II that will run Anti-X but why????

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V.T. Eric Layton

lol! yeah, i actually got a piece of email on "stationary" the other day... i was amazed. :D


i dress my email up with bold, italics or red lettering, indents or bullets, and an occasional table.

:) once in a blue moon, i put a small graphic as bookends to a paragraph. :)


How 'bout capital letters? ;)

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