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HP quits on consumers!


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I think your best bet may be to go to the HP site and sign up to be notified if any will be available.Most of the info I saw on slickdeals indicated that many orders from other retailers were cancelled, unless you were one of the first few.Adam
Well I know two people who managed to get one at a B&M store. Thanks for the info though.
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I am still waiting for mine... my order is still valid. I think I am closing in on the 6-8 week window that HP claimed. I see an authorization pop up on my credit card every now and again, so I know I am still on the list.C'mon HP! Ship these things out!Adam

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I was just thinking of asking you if you have heard anything from HP. Well I hope you can get the device you already paid for soon. This is getting a bit ridiculous IMHO and is why I will never preorder anything.

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Well, my card has not been charged, but it has been authorized a few times. Last time I look at HP's site, they were pushing the ship date back steadily.
Well I hope you get your device soon but by the sound of it, I would not hold your breath waiting on it.
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