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I thought it would be neat to have a screenshot thread like the one in BATL showing screenshots and what device/OS you are running. Here is my device and screenshots:


Device: Inspire 4G (Att) Rooted and Overclocked to 1.9Ghz

Rom: Cyanogenmod 7 Nightly Build


OS: Android 2.3.5


97299b144688394.jpg 4896a4144682067.jpg 1d2779144682074.jpg d1d735144682081.jpg 72e9d9144682088.jpg dd00b0144682094.jpg 0a0cf0144682100.jpg aa71d7144682102.jpg

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Here is my latest screenshot after installing Cyanogenmod 9 (Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich) on my HP Touchpad:




Now I have WebOS 3.0.5, Android 4.0.3 ICS(CM9), and Archlinux|ARM installed on my Touchpad. I still have 16gb free out of 32gb, not too bad. Here is my bootloader:




I know, I know my screen was dirty at the time. I do not have a single mark on the device so what you see is just dust (darn flash) B)

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My iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1, jailbroken


Theme: Boxii (with the Frostii additional theme)


jsY4ws.jpg 4HYWms.jpg RmmTFs.jpg Q47lZs.jpg feQfzs.jpg t2ilKs.jpg bYVdDs.jpg


The lock screen dynamically updates. The second/third/fourth pictures show how FolderEnhancer lets me put folders inside folders.


The relevant packages I installed from Cydia (not all free)

20 Second Lockscreen - 1.1-35
Activator - 1.6.1
Airplane SBSettings Toggle - 2.1
biteSMS - 6.1
Boxii - 1.6
Boxii Font - 1.0
Boxii Winter - 1.1
BytaFont - 1.3.4
Color Keyboard - 1.1.9
CyDelete - 2.0.5-1
Default HD SBSettings - 1.2
f.lux - 0.96
FolderEnhancer - 1.5.6-1
Lockscreen Clock Hide -
MultiIconMover - 1:1.0.5-1
MyFile - 1.6-3
SBSettings - 5.2.2
sbsettingstoggles - 5.2.2
Serious SBSettings HD - 1.4-1
WinterBoard - 0.9.3903

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My new Motorola Atrix running CM9 (Android 4.0/ICS)


DualCore 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor (OCd with governor @ 1.9ghz high/800mhz low)


1024MB ram

16gb onboard storage

32gb MicroSDHC (48gb total)

4.0 inch TFT capacitive Touch Screen w/ 960x540 resolution



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Found a Conky app on the Android market so I thought I would show off a new screenshot.


Nexus 7 8gb

Apex Launcher

Default Rom rooted and unlocked

OCd to 1.66ghz/100mhz

BeWeather Pro




#nexus7 #android #apexlauncherpro




LG Nitro HD

Apex Launcher Pro

BeWeather Pro

Elixer 2 Pro

Juice Plotter



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My latest screenshot of my Nexus 7:




BTW each of the text icons are folders with multiple apps in each and the Home icon is my app menu.



CM10 Nightly Rom: http://get.cm/?devic...er&type=nightly

Faux 123 Kernel (1.7ghz max and 100mhz min): http://forum.xda-dev...ghlight=faux123

Apex Pro Launcher/ Beta version: https://play.google....her.pro

Conky? Widget: https://play.google....id=jp.masaki.TW

PowerToggles: https://play.google....com.painless.pc

SimpleText (text folder icons): https://play.google....dphx.simpletext

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