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"THIS or THAT" game!

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I hope this works!As the name indicates: The game is about choosing either "THIS" or "THAT"!I will start the game by asking the first "THIS or THAT" question!================================================================It truly sucks to make rules for games but sometimes they are warranted:*Only two (2) choices allowed!>>>>>>>>>>>>>No more than three (3) words for "THIS" and three (3) words for "THAT"!*Next person answers with one or the other choice on the FIRST line of his/her reply!*Replies need to be short (no more than maybe about five (5) lines)! >>>>>>>>>>>>>This one being the exception!*The reply must be relevant to computers, geeks, and nerds! >>>>>>>>>>>>>I guess this rule can technically cover any topic but please try NOT to sway too far! *The LAST line must ALWAYS end with a "THIS or THAT" question! *Violators of these rules get a Cyber-Wedgie (Cyber-Melvin?)!*"THIS or THAT" questions cannot violate the Forum Rules!=================================================================AMD or Intel?

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