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MVPS HOSTS file update

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Keep your Browsers pointed at HostsNews

I'll announce when it's posted

Twitter hashtag #hostsfile should find the latest when they are available.

Guest LilBambi

You know what I really miss is that Host manager that used .NET and made it very easy from the system tray to enable and disable the HOST file or edit it and would automatically update it on the fly.


Was a great program.

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Guest LilBambi

No, I don't think so. I think it was called HOSTS Secure ... it had a yellow and black lock icon. Apparently it doesn't work anymore and it's no longer being worked on. I think it was a student? that created it. It was great. But due to no further updates and being so long since it was actually updated for security purposes and/or .NET issues, even if it still worked, I would not be able to trust it to be running all the time. But it was the best one for my purposes and easy for my clients that was out there for a long time.

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