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    Mobo: ECS K7SEM CPU: AMD Duron 950 MHz (built-in to mobo) RAM: Total 512; 64 MB shared to integrated video card Video: Integrated memory sharing SiS 630/730 Sound: Integrated SiS 7018 Hard Dirve: Two 10 GB hard drive mirrored and swapped regularly for backups O/S: Windows 98 Second Edition Crucial Software: IE6 SP1, Eudora
  1. ** FUMING **This is the FORTH CD and the SECOND ISO I have used and the integrity test *STILL* turns up bad files :rant:Suggestions?EDIT: hmm...it seems I've wasted a couple of discs The disc validates perfectly fine on a different PC. I'll have to fiddle with the hardware on this PC...EDIT 2: Found the problem. The CD-ROM is faulty. Fortunately, this PC has a second optical drive, in which the disc validates
  2. Ack...the third CD didn't work (it had a corrupted file). Onto a forth...and this time I re-downloaded the ISO and checked it against the MD5 first.
  3. Well wouldn't ya know...the first CD I used was just old and done for, the second CD had insufficient space (oddly, my burning app didn't notify me of this...time to use something different).I burned a third CD, and this one works. Sheesh!
  4. I just downloaded and burned Ubuntu 7.04 alternate. I am trying to install it on a used desktop PC here, but I cannot get the CD to boot (the PC finds no boot record on the disc). I've made sure the CD-ROM is in before the HDD in the boot-order in the BIOS settings.I initially tried installing Ubuntu from the LiveCD graphic installer -- which did boot just fine -- but I could not get a resolution above 640x480 (yes, I tried F4 in the CD installer/boot menu), so installing it that way was not very easy. Additionally, it failed while partitioning (no idea why). So, this is why I want to use the text installer.I've validated the ISO, I've burned it to two separate CDs...I can't get it work.Help, please!
  5. I think I figured out the problem; Windows XP is caching the contents and not showing me the updated contents when I burn or wipe a CD.If I eject the disc and put it back in after burning or erasing, it reads it correctly (I just have to use a third-party tool to erase CD-RWs)
  6. I have Comodo running on my parents' PC. It took me a bit of playing around to get it working with the network, but now its running great.Goodbye ZA, forever!
  7. Microsoft is full of ape dung.No additional code is required to be able to run inside a VM. In fact, that's the whole point of a VM -- it emulates hardware to "trick" whatever operating system its running into thinking that it's just another physical machine.And, actually, it will take more coding to disable usage in VMs if Microsoft plans to take this restriction beyond the EULA (which, by the way, is also a pile of steaming, putrid monkey feces)
  8. You can actually copy the system partition from the first installation over to the hard drives on the additional systems, run a repair installation and change the product key on each one. I'm told Windows XP tends to handle that pretty well.
  9. Ha! What a crock!You think the public will believe that Sony is the innocent party that was taken advantage of by a software company?Well, actually...
  10. I just got a new HP nc8430 laptop (I love it!) and I'm having some difficulties with the optical drive. It's a sort mega-combo drive that does everything: CD-RW, DVD+RW (incl. dual layer), and DVD-RW.I just tried to erase a CD-RW using Windows XP's built-in tools, but it gave me no option to "Erase this CD-RW" as it normally should. I tried at least three different CD-RWs, and it did the same thing every time.I tried using DeepBurner Free to erase the CD-RW. I opened up the "Erase Disc" dialog, tried both a Quick Erase and Full Erase, neither of which actually worked (they both showed the progress bar completing, but the disc was never actually erase...the contents still remain)I know the burner hardware is not defective because I can burn DVDs using BootIt NG (my DOS-level partitioning and backup software).HP support says that they do not provide any software tools for working with the optical device, and also suggests to call Microsoft about the issue...but I'm paying "talk-dirty-to-me" call rates to ask what third party software I need to use to work with my optical drive.So...what third party software do I need to use to work with my optical drive?
  11. My Netgear WGR614 will disconnect for apparent reason at times as well. I put it on a UPS and upgraded the firmware a week or two ago; hasn't happened since (jynx).
  12. Yeah, good luck with that. Microsoft has screwed everyone over with Vista by requiring so much ridiculous secrecy and over-development for Hollywood, drivers are going to hard to come by for Windows, let alone Linux.Yeah, I know, I'm a cynic.
  13. Have you bought an external HDD yet? A suggestion I would make is to purchase an external enclosure and then buy a hard drive separately. The more separable pieces there are, the more chance of recovery if one component fails and the less expensive replacement will be.As for imaging, software, it is fast and generally works well, but the technical support is awful (yup, you guessed it: indecipherable Indian accents).Personally, I use Terrabyte Unlimited's BootIt NG, Image for Windows and Image for DOS. Their not quite as fast as ATI, but they are very well made, nearly bugless as far as I can tell and very portable (oh, and the support is much better )
  14. Yeah, well, not that it matters. Oil goes up, then goes down...and we poor saps at the bottom of the supply chain will pay more for fuel no matter what Big Oil does.
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