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Found 18 results

  1. abarbarian


    Surfin as you do, I chanced upon this titbit, https://openlibra.com/en/collection/search/category/ubunchu_spanish_magazine A magna all about Ubuntu. How quaint, but only five episodes --- hmmmm there must be more. A search threw up this very interesting article about Ubuntu in popular culture media. 2004 to 20.04 LTS: Ubuntu in popular culture Interesting but not that much information on ubunchu. Maybe Wikipedia can help, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubunchu! Plenty of information but no more episodes to read. Only one of the three links at the bottom of the site was any use, English translations (chapters 9-14) Ah ha this site has episodes from 9 to 14 and a link to the first eight found at the original translation site. https://gitlab.com/ubunchu-translators/ubunchu At this site you can download one .pdf file with episodes 1 to 8 in English and Japanese. I use GV for reading PDF's. As to translating episode 15 and the extras it seems that there is some hope as there is still interest as of 2021 at a ubunchu translation site, https://groups.google.com/g/ubunchu-translators/c/q_uISc4czYo So I can get to read chapters 1 to 14 but only with some fiddling around. Can I find a way to easily do this ? Maybe this site will solve the problem, https://archive.org/details/ubunchu-ch-1-11/page/n1/mode/2up So so close but no banana. Only 11 chapters. Maybe someone will upload the missing three one day. Finally one site to view all chapters You do have to scroll through the chapter which is a bit of a pain on a normal monitor. Luckily for me with one click I can alter my monitor to suit such a task. So there you are folks yet another bit of obscure penguin lore. Happy reading folks. Oh yes if you do decide to read the manga then this tip will be useful.
  2. Hello, So, I am a little curious… how many of you still having a computer running Windows XP somewhere, and what does it get used for? Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  3. Found a fascinating article on the early Microsoft Windows offerings from 1983 thought it might interest some folk. https://archive.org/stream/byte-magazine-1983-12/1983_12_BYTE_08-12_Easy_Software#page/n49/mode/2up
  4. Who would have thought it possible a few years ago ! Microsoft giving love to the penguin, is the end of the world in sight All hail the Green Linux! Never tried SUSE myself but have a couple of mates who swear by it and SUSE has been alive and kicking since 1992, which I believe is longer than Microsoft. The penguin march is slow but relentless.
  5. Microsoft is constantly showing me messages to upgrade to Windows 10. I am currently running Windows 7 Pro SP1. I have been reluctant to go to Win 10 because I read that it has alot of problems. Should I cave in or stay the course? Thank you!
  6. abarbarian

    Afgan penguins !!

    Rebuilding tech in Afghanistan with open source They use this software, https://www.univention.com/ Which to a layman like me seems pretty neat and decently priced. As I have never used it I can not say how it performs personally. I like this explanation they give about their interaction with Debian. ZiiK one of the organisations helping out the Afgans in a big way are German and have been helping and promoting open source to underdeveloped countries since 2000.
  7. My posting at one of my blogs regarding Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 support ending in just a few months.
  8. http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2014/02/gates-spends-entire-first-day-back-in-office-trying-to-install-windows-81.html
  9. Full Size Windows 7.
  10. WinPatrol PLUS For Everyone Just $2 - Bits from Bill Blog Much more in the posting! Thanks Bill for doing this again!!! Gonna go snag some more for me! Great way to 'donate' and say how much I love WinPatrol! ' FYI: If you buy via credit card, there is a $.50 surcharge. The PayPal way to pay without a surcharge is in the RIGHT navigation on WinPatrol.com Also note that you can buy multiple copies of individual WinPatrol at $2 each or a Family Pack for $10 Last time I purchase 5 individual licenses so I could pass some on to friends. This time I think I will just do I chose the Family Pack so I will have unlimited use on all family computers. Wish I could do 5 more individual licenses too but timing is such that I am playing catch up. Bill also has a posting about Windows XP users: Many Surprised by Windows XP Usage - Bits from Bill Blog: BOLD emphasis mine. Much more in the article. If you read the 7/23/2013 update to that article, Microsoft is also pushing their XP Retirement party (posted after this posting by Bill.
  11. If you dual boot Windows 8 and Linux, your data may be at risk. http://www.h-online.com/open/features/Linux-and-Windows-8-Fast-Startup-puts-data-at-risk-1780640.html
  12. Once again there are reports of a Java zero-day vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild. All versions of Java are impacted, including the most recent release, JRE 7, Update 10. With any version of Java installed on your computer, visiting a malicious link can result in a serious malware infection. Significantly, the exploit is not operating system and, although currently targeting Windows systems, can also run the same code on Mac OS X or Linux. Recommendations in my blog post at Java Zero-Day (Again), Time To Disable/Remove Java
  13. Possible IE bug would let hackers track mouse moves - CNET And then people wonder why savvy users block ads...
  14. I installed Windows 8 on Friday. I used the Upgrade Assistant, which analyzed my Windows 7 laptop, and then allowed me to buy and launch the upgrade immediately. One thing to realize is that it is VERY VERY VERY DIFFERENT from what you are used to if you have used any version of Windows before. That being said, the Start screen is really nice. It is customizeable and presents and organizes info very nicely. I'm sure you've all seen screenshots of W8 before. You can turn on live titles (can be seen in the NY Times app and the Weather app) and can also make most tiles large (to take up two spaces) or small (taking up 1). The idea of "apps" may be a little foreign too. When you launch Mail (or any other Modern (Metro) app), it launches full screen. It's a big adjustment coming from a PC world where I'm used to having many applications open at once. In W8 you can still have the apps open--the taskbar is just missing from view. Hitting Win+tab brings the tray out from the left side with your other windows--continuing to hit tab will scroll through them. Alt+tab brings up the old app switcher, too. It's very clearly designed to be used on a tablet/other touch screen device. But I've been using a mouse with it just fine. Anyway, I didn't mean this to be a full fledged review, so I'll stop here. Has anyone else tried it? Is anyone using the release version? What are your thoughts? e: Also, it boots really, really fast
  15. IDF: Intel says Clover Trail will not work with Linux - The Inquirer Banks on Microsoft's marketing for x86 tablet sales What happened to OS agnostic hardware, particularly processors and motherboards? We are back to this crap! Again! That is so old hat. It went out with Mandrake 7 Linux. What was what? 12 years ago? Or was it longer since I couldn't afford to upgrade my annoying 'Made for Windows" motherboard/processor for a couple years. I am SOOOO disappointed that Intel is turning back to being like this. They have been moving in the other direction for so long. We finally had been able to sigh relief on hardware coming from Intel as they were really trying hard to be OS agnostic, or so it seemed. Thanks for nothing. Guess it's back to AMD. Sigh...
  16. DarkSerge


    A friend came to me today asking for some computer help. I agreed to make an attempt to fix it. I haven't seen the system so I don't have any experience with what the problem is, but she gave me some scarce details so I thought I'd throw them out here and start getting ideas about what to look at. From what she tells me, during startup she sees an error that says something is overheating. She didn't say where she sees it, but I'm guessing in the BIOS startup. She also says the computer completely locks up on logon and she can't do anything at all. That's all I know until I get a chance to actually tinker with it to see what's up. I know it's not much for now, but any thoughts? If it's an overheating issue, would the system just click off instead of lock up? (Although I don't know what exactly is overheating.) It's minimal info, but when I know more I'll post. I just want to get some ideas on where to start beyond just checking the physical system for signs of overheating.
  17. The ‘ole Conficker worm still infecting PCs years later - FransComputerServices Blog
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