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    • Hedon James
      The internet is kinda funny sometimes...you can't look someone in the eye, so all the non-verbal cues get cut from the message.  Just wanted to make sure I'm not coming across as an "askhole"....that person who always asks what to do, but never does any of it.  I just haven't seen any dots connected yet (if they did, I missed it) as to why the installer can't/won't read the EFI partition for grub installation.  I may be way off, but it just seems like something should be in that EFI partition to be read, in order for grub to get configured; but there isn't, so the installer fails.   Your comment about the refracta installer is a fair one.  But now you've got me thinking, maybe I should attempt a vanilla Debian installation with the Debian installer and see how that turns out?  If that works, I'll know its an issue with refractainstaller, but maybe I can install MY remix in a dual-boot configuration and the installer will finish because it found the EFI files/variables that vanilla Debian installed?   Or maybe I should install my Win7 Pro that came with the machine, in a UEFI configuration, duplicating the setup that the machine came with when I bought it?  Then install my remix in dual-boot, just like I like with Lubuntu on old disk?   Hmmm....in the absence of a veritable "i know what's going on and here's how you fix it" scenario, the dual-boot installations sound promising.  Seems like if SOMETHING was in that EFI partition to be read, everything might fall into place?  Ya got me thinking again...
    • Hedon James
      I too am a sunrat....i'm just not THE sunrat!  does that count?  😜
    • securitybreach
      Microsoft uses Linux on their cloud computing platform and they are working on their own Linux kernel. Plus you can run Linux on Windows 10 as well. This isn't Ballmer's Microsoft.
    • abarbarian
      Yup.   I have to say that I think the police in general do a excellent job over here in the main. They do make some stupid decisions though and whilst some are made by the higher up police most of the dumb decisions are sent through from Whitehall. Someone should remind those folk that linux is used on many more internet connected devices than any "safe to use because criminals don't use our" supposed main stream os. By linux I am including all android devices and such like. They should also be aware that open source is in the rise and any country with half an iota of sense would be teaching open source skills to kids from at least eleven in this country, or the whole country will be left floundering as tech marches on.   😎
    • securitybreach
      That sounds like a Ballmer tactic.
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