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    • abarbarian
      Seems that I have been fooling around with penguins since 2008. I must have had plenty of free time back then. Here is an extract from one of my earliest posts over at the other place I frequent.     Naughty me I used the "n" word tsk tsk.   It seems I started my linux experience with Edubuntu which I found to be ok but I remember that I was frustrated by not being able to move the task bar around. I was running Windows XP with Rocket Dock which did everything I wanted easily but could not manage to make my Edubuntu behave in the same way. So the hunt was on and I found this excellent offering and enthusiastically posted a walkthrough,   Kanotix 2007 Thorhammer Rc7   My experience with Gnome on Edubuntu was the prime motivator in finding a non Gnome os and Kanotix filled that need and it also had a pretty helpful web site too. As I spent a great deal of time hunting up information and tips to help me understand this wonderful world of penguins I kept hearing about this wonderful KDE stuff. I fell for the claims made in the articles on the latest and greatest world changing software. My desktop would shimmer and dazzle the beholder, my productivity would increase tenfold with the new and intuitive programs and dock apps so easily that I would be amazed and captivated by the brilliance of KDE. So I dived straight in and installed Mandriva Free and made a walkthrough,   Mandriva Free Spring 2008 64 Bit OS     Well that good old KDE stuff certainly did amaze me and my desktop did shimmer not only on the 2008 but the 2009 and 2010 versions too.. However after struggling along with the above version of KDE and the next two versions I realised that the promotional articles were of much better quality than the product. Every time I switched on the pc and tried an update it seemed that there was a small glitch in a program and I spent hour after hour tracking down ways to correct or get around the problem. Not helped by the fact that this was new stuff and folks had not had a chance to play with let alone find solutions to any glitches. I very nearly gave up on the penguins but the blue screen of death kept on making an appearance on my XP. Had I mentioned that I had figured out a way to dual boot. It was one of our members here, this is one of his helpful posts to me,   https://www.pcreview.co.uk/threads/partitioning-problem-in-linux.3515600/     Being a FInn he did kindly supply a translation,     Anyways this fine and very helpful chap suggested I joined the Highlanders over here at Scots and after a while here I ended up installing Arch linux,   He he anarchy rules !!!    As you can see I have not had your typical new user experience which may explain why I am happily using Arch along with Window Maker.   Thanks to all here at Scots who have helped me along the way.   😎      
    • abarbarian
      Brains and beauty --- sighs, and rushes of to work on the time machine.  😍   I had read about Hedy a while ago an it is no surprise that the macho dummies in the army overlooked her fine invention. I wonder how many lives would have been saved if only they had utilised her invention.
    • saturnian
      I'm with you guys on this -- the non-free iso is the way to go, for me.
    • raymac46
      I used the non-free ISO before to install Debian on laptops with the Broadcom or Realtek chipset. When I set up Debian on my T430 I  assumed since it was Intel all the way I wouldn't need it. Big mistake. Turns out the Thinkpad had Intel wifi that needed firmware, so I hooked up an Ethernet cable to my router and installed the system with the basic Debian netinstall. Then I installed the firmware from the non-free repo. After a reboot I was good to go. But I could have saved myself some aggravation if I'd used the non-free ISO.
    • sunrat
      That there just nailed my general experience and opinion about anything to do with *buntu.     PS. Bluetooth appears to be working OOTB with my new ThinkPad Yoga 11e with Debian/KDE. I don't actually have any Bluetooth devices to test it, but the panel widget is active and it shows bt in lspci.
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