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    2. Bruno's All Things Linux

      The place to free your mind and explore Linux, which for many, isn't an "alternative" operating system — it's their only OS.

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      Topics related to Windows, Microsoft, help with Windows, techniques, performance, betas, all types of Applications, Windows news, Windows server OSes, the future of operating systems, and more.

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      Topics and discussions related to Apple, Macintosh hardware and accessories, OS X, Classic, iTunes / iTMS (Mac & PC), mainstream Mac software, and more.

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      Exploring CPUs, motherboards, overclocking, building your own PC, case mods, PC brands, handhelds, peripherals of all types, DVDs, CD burners, hardware-specific software, device drivers, and anything else related to hardware.

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      Topics related to ANY AND ALL Mobile Platforms, Mobile Devices, Mobile Operating Systems, Mobile Apps, and more.

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      Protecting PCs from attack, networking, network hardware, remote access, sharing broadband, different broadband technologies, network troubleshooting, spam, encryption, firewalls, and more.

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      Social Media will cover all topics related to Social Media, Web 2.0, browsers and web applications, email, and more.

    9. The Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe

      The The Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe, previously known as The Water Cooler, is a place to post stuff that has absolutely nothing at all to do with computers, broadband, Scot's Newsletter, or anything that's "supposed" to be here.

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      Forum-Related Feedback Only, Please: Bugs, problems, forum software, skins, graphics, webhost, stuff we're testing, suggestions, and more. NOTE: Testing Subforum is under the Forum Feedback forum.
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    • securitybreach
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      Nor will that be Linus/RMS's GNU/Linux.     .
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      If I'm any kind of rattus, it's rattus nocturnus. Born, raised, still live in Florida... was NEVER a sun-worshiper. The night time is the right time for this rat.
    • Cluttermagnet
      Clutter is a notorious cheapskate. And the 'phone home' and other control freak stuff that Msft had cranked in by then just made me see red in a BIG way! So no Win 2000 or XP for me:  'Bow down to us and pay tribute or we'll disable your OS.' Yikes! Further, I was becoming a bit of a hardware hobbyist and was accumulating multiple copies of the standard tower/monitor/kbd/mouse... Meanwhile, 98SE was nearing end of support and was going to be cut off by Msft... and I was spending ever increasing amounts of time playing the security software updates Bozo Shuffle- ugh!   There was no way I was going to be able to afford paying a hundred bucks on each and every setup. Then there was this Linux thing: 'Here, have a free OS on us. We'll do as good or better on updates supporting security and functionality. You'll be safer...' At that time, under those circumstances, I dove right in. That move knocked me back from a 'fairly competent HS senior', computer wise, to a frustrated grade schooler. I had to relearn a bunch of stuff. Linux was pretty different. But I stayed the course. Sure am glad I did! There are a lot of nice people supporting Windows in forums like this- but I found some equally nice folks who would patiently support my growing pains with Linux!   You know, the funny thing is, I eventually started getting free copies of XP by buying old hardwars, including several used Lenovo laptops- and I have nonetheless never gotten around to setting up and using these OS's. I just don't have the time or inclination- and besides, XP is now obsolete and vulnerable. I think I even got one or two copies of Win 7. Don't know its status, either. Probably obsolete/unsupported? I just don't feel like I have the time. What little learning time I do have is reserved for Linux!   Clutter
    • securitybreach
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