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    • Cluttermagnet
      Once again FF has devoured about ten+ minutes of earnest typing. Don't know which bit bucket my composition has gone into... MUST SAVE OFTEN... MUST SAVE OFTEN... MUST SAVE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!! (SAVED...)    Let me start again... going by memory of my previous response to you, I said that I found your most recent collection of links to be worth studying a bit. I will do so and share some of what that search unearths, over the next few days...   I have always thought of Vitamin C as one of the cheaper supplements. It's almost universally available. I'm certainly puzzled by that author referring to C as being "costly". I never saw it that way. OTOH almost everything is getting more expensive these days...   A common theme I've encountered fairly often in the health/healing world is this: "Show me so much as one confirmed fatality caused by supplementing with Vitamin C". The stuff is safe IMO, in fact it's very safe. Any excess taken orally will cause you to develop a case of the runs (diarrhea) and will be safely excreted. Contrast with various pharmaceuticals which kill quite a number of folks in any given year. Anyone remember Vioxx? Look it up- another good brain exercise. You will see it had to be withdrawn from the market under orders of FDA- one of those various US government agencies, anyway... yet it was still sold overseas a while longer... shameful!   I will find a few links describing the therapeutic interventions by licensed M.D. types using high dose IV Vitamin C and list them here. Although somewhat suppressed in the media, success stories are starting to increase regarding successful emergency interventions in Covid-19 patients (and also for generalized septic shock, which has killed quite a few folks over the years). There are several protocols I have seen. The one for sepsis included high dose C along with Thiamine (a B vitamin) and hydrocortizone (a steroid). The ones for Covid-19 tend to use high dose C plus Prednisilone plus one or two other items I don't recall at this moment. These have been deployed to save very sick Covid patients in hospitals in China and the US, no doubt elsewhere as well- but it is still far from 'accepted' or 'allowed' or 'catching on' just yet.   Often these interventions are 'last ditch', 'compassionate care', for patients who have largely been written off by hospital staff- then they are pulled back from the brink and recover very nicely, thank you, and eventually get discharged from the hospitals quite alive. Here's the rub- these IV 'cocktails' are very, very inexpensive and are not patentable, i.e. they will not make Pharma the big money like some pharmaceuticals. Indeed, the media have been quite complicit in suppressing this sort of good information that would help severely ill Covid patients to recover. The media have blood on their hands...   The small doses your links refer to for Vitamin C are anemic by any standard. They are about as low here in the US, unrealistically so in my estimation. Just about enough to prevent scurvy, it is true...   Personally, I am taking one to two grams orally per day (1000-2000mg), usually the lesser amount. If I started feeling ill, I would immediately increase those amounts and would switch over to the lipisomal form which is much better tolerated by the bowels and is more efficiently absorbed as well. To the greatest extent possible, I try to get my C from my diet- veggies, citrus fruits, etc. These are the most bio-available forms and are therefore preferred. In a perfect world we would not need to take any supplements at all, and would get all essential nutrients from food. This is no longer possible, considering our worn out soils of today.   What is too much (oral) Vitamin C? Turns out it is highly variable from person to person, and depends on their health and their current level of oxidative stress. Even in one person, it can vary depending on their state of health. When ill, fighting a virus, etc. the amount of Vitamin C needed and tolerated orally can go way up- and again, about the worst thing that can happen is you will probably get the runs if you exceed your bowel tolerance level.   I'll post some links r.e. the IV Vitamin C shortly... it's for real. Please understand it doesn't 'cure' Covid-19 per se, but it does save lives for sure! And Pharma and the media emphatically do not want you to know about because it distracts from their scorched earth, 'one size fits all' vaccination intentions.   Please understand also that IV Vitamin C is used because massive amounts of antioxidant are needed when a body is in full crisis as with Covid-19; also the IV administrative route bypasses the whole issue of bowel tolerance. This is why they do it this way in ICU. No way to get enough in orally to be effective under such dire circumstances! Field accounts going back many decades describe patients responding well to 20-30-50- even 100 grams of C on rare occasions.       Clutter    
    • abarbarian
      Be interesting to see your source of information for this claim.       https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vitamins-and-minerals/vitamin-c/   Does Too Much Vitamin C Cause Side Effects?       Is It Possible to Have a Vitamin C Overdose?     Mind you the NHS and the NCCAM probably are talking out of their ar**e and have some hidden agenda for giving the above advice 🤓
    • abarbarian
      Arch + Window Maker -Witchs_house theme😎
    • Corrine
      Pale Moon version 28.10.0 has been released.  The update is a development, bugfix and security update.  Linux versions will follow shortly. The update includes DiD ("Defense-in-Depth") updates.  A DiD update is s a fix that does not apply to a (potentially) actively exploitable vulnerability in Pale Moon, but prevents future vulnerabilities caused by the same code, e.g. when surrounding code changes, exposing the problem, or when new attack vectors are discovered. Update:  To get the update now, select "Help" from the Pale Moon menu at the upper left of the browser window.  Click About Pale Moon and  Check for Updates. Release Notes
    • raymac46
      My view here is that the perfect distro for a new user is the one your geeky Linux guru installs for you. Or the one that comes pre-installed on your new hardware from System 76 at al. My 95 year old friend Jean would be fine running and updating an Arch Linux install if I put it in for her. About the only thing I would advise against with new users is setting up a dual boot with Linux and Windows. From my experience they'll keep using Windows and eventually mess up the bootloader and bork the whole system. Install on old hardware that needs a new O/S and if they don't have that pass.
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