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    • securitybreach
      Personally, I like Nvidia cards. As long as you use the nvidia driver, in my experience, they work flawlessly. That said, I do not use older cards so none of these issues plague me.   I just got a Asus ROG GTX 1070 8gb the other week that replaced my aging GTX 970 4gb and I didn't have to reinstall the drivers or anything. I just replaced it and carried on.   Unfortunately for a lot of people, most Linux distros nowadays are not designed to be ran on older systems. There are some distros that cater to older machines but most of your popular distros will require up to date hardware.  The key is to not use bleeding edge hardware as the drivers may not be there yet but also do not use too old of hardware or it won't be supported.   At one time Linux was great for older hardware but that is really not the case as much nowadays for mainstream distros. Best thing that can be done is to use those that cater to older hardware or use a more lightweight environment. For instance, Gnome requires a minimum of 4GB of ram (at minimum) to run on Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements
    • raymac46
      I do have a relatively recent (GTX 1060) Nvidia GPU in my Windows Box but that is because my train sims are optimized for Nvidia. I won't upgrade again though as long as I have this system. Anything more powerful will only bottleneck my Sandy Bridge CPU. I have an Nvidia card in my old dual core desktop that I use as a jukebox in the workroom. But as I said earlier, Nouveau works well enough to give me a display. I've had trouble with AMD in the past but once you get the FOSS driver working, it is great. AMD on Linux seems to be best with old tech anyway. Really Intel is the best bet of all, assuming you don't need hard core 3D capability.
    • Hedon James
      Okay, I've finally taken SB's advice and started tinkering with VMM in attempt to replace Virtualbox (VB).  I do like the idea of a "native" Linux virtualization solution, and VMM seems to be WAY overkill for my limited use-case scenario.  That's okay though, as I'd rather "grow into" software than "grow out of" it.   There isn't much documentation regarding VMM, especially compared to VB; and the documentation available seems to be way over my head, using concepts and terminology that sound greek to me.  But a little background first...  I have intentions of migrating away from Lubuntu and their 3-year LTS support cycle.  To that end, I'm looking at jumping over to Debian Stable, with their approximately 5 year support window.  I've assembled a Debian 10 LXQT VM in VB, but replacing VB with VMM.  I've taken a Refracta Snapshot, copied to usb stick with "dd", and successfully installed to testbed laptop with Refracta Installer.  So far, so good, and I'm pretty happy with everything.    The last piece of my "beta test" is to install Windows VMs, but using VMM in place of VB (VB is no longer supported by Debian 10; VMM is the recommended replacement).  I'm noticing that VMM has MANY more options for VM customization than VB.  So many that it's a little overwhelming...I thought I knew a little about VMs from being able to manipulate my VB VMs to solve numerous VM issues over the years....from driver issues, to expanded disk issues, to formatting issues, to snapshots, etc....  So I was comfortable (perhaps cocky?) to jump over to VMM and give it a go.   I've created a Test-Win7VM using VMMs recommended defaults, installing from a Win7.iso installation disk.  Everything worked as expected, although it can't be updated (discontinued support), the monitor resolution isn't native (not a big deal, but would like to resolve), and no sound (incorrect default driver?).  We'll come back to this later and see what I can learn by "fixing" these issues, but let me continue to the REAL concern I need help with.   With a successful creation of Windows VM in VMM, I could "load up" the VM with software that I use in Windows, such as Appraisal Dictionary, appraisal software, Quickbooks, etc...  But ideally, I already have a Win7 VM and a Win10 VM in VB, both with vdi (or maybe vmdk?) disks.  I copied over my Win7 VB disk and created a Win7 VM in VMM, using the existing Win7.vdi, just like I have done numerous times before in VB.  However, when starting the VMM machine, it "hangs" on the Win7 boot splash image and freezes.  I can only "force close" from the VMM menu option.  Googling suggests this is a very common occurrence with Win VMs and I need to choose a "VNC viewer" rather than "Spice",  and I should choose "cirrus" as VGA driver rather than QXL.  WTH are they talking about?  Looking through the VMM options, I can see the Display categories for Spice vs VNC servers; and I can see the Video categories for "QXL" vs "VGA" vs "Virtio".  But I see nothing for a selection of "cirrus".  I've also seen some convoluted references to BIOS vs UEFI and that when booting from BIOS, "SeaBIOS" is preferable.  I've made no specific selections, but I did note that VMM is booting with "SeaBIOS".   While I can install Win VMs from scatch, then load them up with the softwares I need, this seems counter-intuitive to the point of a VM.  I'd really like to just boot a Win VM with my CURRENTLY EXISTING windows disk...like pulling a metal disk from computer A and connecting it to computer B, and continuing with business as usual.  I could save TENS of man-hours if I can do this in the manner described.   So, as the resident KVM/Qemu/Virt-Machine Manager expert here at BATL....what am I doing wrong SB?  Can I do what I'd like to do, as described?  If so, how?  Or am I relegated to creating virgin WinVMs and "loading them up" all over again with needed software?
    • securitybreach
    • Hedon James
      I just hope you're able to get this resolved.  I'm the "slow child" on here, as there are so many others on this site with so much more knowledge than me.  That's why I'm here, to soak up their freely dispensed knowledge; but the downside to that is that I don't have much to offer outside of their considerable knowledge base.  But when the opportunity presents itself, I'm happy to pitch in and do my best to advance the cause.  I've been EXACTLY where you are now, if I can only remember how I got out of that jam?!  LOL!!!
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