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    • Hedon James
      I find Fedora to be an unusual suggestion for new users.  Unusual in that I rarely (ever?) hear that one recommended to new users.  Just curious, what is your logic behind the Fedora recommendation?
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      Those who've died from Covid-19 related issues, would probably argue that point with you.
    • Hedon James
      I stole this from someone, somewhere....can't remember who or when....but it's become one of my own:   My wife will sometimes ask "what are your plans for this weekend?" And I'll reply "nothing" And she'll say "oh, in that case, maybe you/we can (fill in the blank of whatever activity/event she has in mind)" And I'll clarify "I think you misunderstood me.  When I said I was doing "nothing", that didn't mean I had an open slot of time to be filled.  It meant that "nothing" is the thing that I'm doing.  Let's do that another time, when I am looking for something to do." Which then leads into the conversation you mentioned.  She'll usually say "you did that last weekend", or something similar. And I'll reply "still haven't finished yet".   After 18 years together, you'd think she knows me better.  It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.  She still asks and still doesn't think it's funny.
    • abarbarian
      Ermm nothing really I was posting to show that this pandemic is nowhere near as bad as the Spanish Flu one.😎      Snake oil probably does not sell as well today I'll agree. However folk are still as thick as planks and open to manipulation by a smooth talking charlatan. Probably more so, in fact I'll say even more so. You only have to look at what Facebook users believe in to see that. 😂
    • abarbarian
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