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    • raymac46
      When it comes to virtual computing I swing both ways. Like many Linux users I have Linux on the rails as host, with a Windows guest. But I also run a Windows 10 host with a couple of possible Linux guests. I find the latter to be better for me. Here's why: I have little use for virtual Windows. Most of the stuff I use Windows for is very graphics intensive - train sims, photo management. That just doesn't work in a virtual machine. Licensing hassles. I can install Linux anywhere including on Windows hosts without any licensing issues. My Windows guest is activated - it's an upgraded Windows 7 install from a deceased laptop - but I am pretty sure it's a pirate install. I am not about to buy a retail copy to use in a VBox though. Security - my on the rails Windows has Eset and Malwarebytes to protect it. In VBox I just have Windows Defender. Updates - I use Windows in VBox so infrequently I am probably years behind in updates. VBox itself. I found in the past that the Windows version was a bit better than the Linux version when it comes to performance. VBox is getting better in Linux though. Recreational computing. I am much more likely to want to use Linux on Windows than vice versa. I have been tempted to get rid of my virtual Windows install but it took me so long to get it working in the first place L hesitate to do it. There is a fair sunk cost in time and aggravation. So I guess it'll stay unless I get malware.
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      Hasn't NY heard of cremation? It's much more efficient and uses less real estate. Next, I guess they'll be floating the dead out to dump off the continental shelf like they used to do with the garbage barges in the 60s and 70s. Actually, they may still dump garbage like that. I don't know for sure.   Is there a Soylent processing plant in NYC? 😵
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      I never had any complaints when I was using PIA. One thing I always said about them was that they have EXCELLENT customer, and particularly, technical support. Glad they got it fixed for you.   Sadly, I cancelled them because I do not have the funds to pay for it anymore, and also because I'm not sure how much longer I will even have Internet access here in my home. I'm now using TOR browser... it's better than nothing.
    • securitybreach
    • securitybreach
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