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    • securitybreach
    • raymac46
      My main desktop is a Windows 10 machine. This plays my train sims, does my Income Tax and keeps my wife happy. But I want to have Linux available there so I run MX-Linux 18 in VirtualBox. I am posting from it now. I have found that MX-Linux has everything I would want in a Virtual setup. All the Guest Additions work out of the box. It is stable as can be. It's based on Debian. It is easy to update. No unattended-upgrades running in the background. A nice Xfce desktop. MX-Linux is so nice I have basically given up Virtual distro farming. Life is good.
    • raymac46
      Well my adventures with UEFI date back about 6 years when I first was playing with Linux on my then new desktop. As I recall I was eager at the time to try UEFI out and GRUB was still a little funky when it came to EFI booting. So I used rEFInd and that was great. When I installed LM on an SSD I seem to recall it went with a legacy msdos format. Since I was then reformatting my HDD (1TB) I saw no need to keep it GPT and just went back to legacy. The motherboard doesn't care.
    • sunrat
      Sounds like you had fun. Interesting exercise but too taxing for me. I recently had to use REFInd and I'm convinced it's made of magic beans. It allows you to boot an installed system which has no boot loader and then all you need to do, providing you have an ESP already, is grub-install update-grub I also had to change fstab to reflect a new swap UUID. It was different as I was reinstalling a cloned Debian to a different drive.   Debian allows you to copy a list of installed packages from an installed system to a new one and I worked out the easiest way to do this. It's not documented anywhere but worked well. First get a list of packages from the source system and remove the ones which have been uninstalled: dpkg --get-selections |awk '!/deinstall/' >package-selections Then install on the new system: apt install $(cat package-selections | awk '{print $1}') Obviously you need to run the install from the directory with the "package-selections" file, or give its full path. You could also move the awk command in the install bit to pipe in the first command. Same same but different.
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