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      The place to free your mind and explore Linux, which for many, isn't an "alternative" operating system — it's their only OS.

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      Topics related to Windows, Microsoft, help with Windows, techniques, performance, betas, all types of Applications, Windows news, Windows server OSes, the future of operating systems, and more.

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      Topics and discussions related to Apple, Macintosh hardware and accessories, OS X, Classic, iTunes / iTMS (Mac & PC), mainstream Mac software, and more.

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      Exploring CPUs, motherboards, overclocking, building your own PC, case mods, PC brands, handhelds, peripherals of all types, DVDs, CD burners, hardware-specific software, device drivers, and anything else related to hardware.

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      Topics related to ANY AND ALL Mobile Platforms, Mobile Devices, Mobile Operating Systems, Mobile Apps, and more.

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      Social Media will cover all topics related to Social Media, Web 2.0, browsers and web applications, email, and more.

    9. The Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe

      The The Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe, previously known as The Water Cooler, is a place to post stuff that has absolutely nothing at all to do with computers, broadband, Scot's Newsletter, or anything that's "supposed" to be here.

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      Forum-Related Feedback Only, Please: Bugs, problems, forum software, skins, graphics, webhost, stuff we're testing, suggestions, and more. NOTE: Testing Subforum is under the Forum Feedback forum.
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    • sunrat
      Absolutely classic scene from The IT Crowd:    
    • sunrat
      Sorry don't find that funny as I know autotune couldn't fix that voice. It does have its limits. I suspect that woman is really a good singer and just faked the screeching bit. Plus the guy is just pushing random buttons that aren't actually doing anything. For what autotune actually does, and why many pop songs sound generically similar vocally, check out some Autotune the News videos. Autotune has improved a lot since those videos were made, and can be used more artistically (listen to Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour album, Grammy album of the year 2019) it still can't fix awful.     
    • securitybreach
    • Hedon James
      This is what it does, SB.  Is that you working the knobs Sunrat?!  LOL!    
    • Corrine
      Dev channel update to 82.0.425.3 is live. This is the first Dev channel build for major version 82.  See the link for links to blog posts about some of the improvements being worked on.  In addition to changes and fixes, the build includes one new added feature: Added a management policy to allow the deletion of browsing data from Edge Legacy when it’s replaced by the installation of Edge’s Stable channel.
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