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    • raymac46
      Last night my wife switched off our main desktop PC and then we had to turn it on again to order some stuff online for my daughter. Of course the PC failed on the spot. The fans would start up and then stop in about 5 seconds. No POST at all. I disconnected the whole system and took the box downstairs to my workroom. After blowing out the dirt I reseated the memory. I could get the thing to boot if I let it cool down but after running a bit, then shutting down I was back to the same problem. I suspected a bad PSU so I pulled out my old spare Cooler Master box and connected it to the mobo. Instant success!  This PSU is non modular and pretty old but it'll have to do until I get a new one from Amazon. No computer shops open around here during the COVID-19 lockdown. Of course all my electrical work blew up my BIOS so I had to go into setup and reconfigure everything. But it seems to be OK now. I just hope my old PSU holds out. BTW my failed power supply was an EVGA - rather disappointing. Out of warranty of course. So I'm going with Corsair as a replacement.
    • raymac46
      I am no fan of touch screens so my newest ASUS Vivobook doesn't have one. That said if you want a touch screen I'd go with a 2 in 1 I think. i5 or Ryzen 5 should do the trick, and an SSD/M.2 drive is a must. My only advice if you want to run Linux is no combo integrated/discrete graphics - especially AMD. Those things are a bear to get working in Linux. AMD graphics on their own are no problem. Haven't come across Medion but I have had pretty good luck with Lenovo.
    • abarbarian
      I need some help .................................. I have just spent the last two days looking at and being bemused by too much choice. I would like for this portable machine to have,   Touch screen with a pen. Decent screen ie: good colour, viewing angles. USB C. Wireless ac, Bluetooth. Sturdy chassis. Ssd or better still nvme drive. Nippy cpu. Decent graphics card or inbuilt. Webcam Fingerprint reader ?   This will be for my niece, I am tending towards a "2 in 1" as I think that format would be ideal for a child as would the ability to draw and write on the screen. I want to provide a machine that will run sweetly today and for at least a couple of years going forward, possibly till she goes to the big school at age eleven, when she would need a more uptodate pc. So no cheap and cheerful slow flimsy rubbish and no expensive Mac types either. The unit will probably have Windows 10 installed but I would like to have a machine that will run the penguin nicely with no major quirks as I may install MX-19 on it.   Not a lot to ask for I know 😎   Trouble is I am confused,   Cheap and cheerfull under £300   i5 with integrated graphics £500 3 year warranty   i5 integrated graphics needs extra pen £650   i7 integrated graphics 3 year guarantee £700   There are lots of products around for £300 to £400 but they have i3 or lesser cpu's and I don't think they would give a decent experience unless you were just surfing. In the £300 to £600 range you can find i5 and similar with integrated graphics. At the £600 to £750 range you can get i7 with integrated graphics. If I am spending £750 I might as well spend £900 to £1,300 and get a i5 with RTX2060 graphics. However I think that last option is a tad over the top for a six year old. So I am a tad lost do I stick with a 2 in 1 which is very appealing and the best I have found so far is the Medion with the i5 and 3 year guarantee. Or would I get better value with an ordinary laptop ?   Help me out folks.....................please. 😎
    • abarbarian
      Whilst you have been snoozing for the last 38 years Blade Runner reality has arrived,     maybe not in your part of rural USA though.
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      Just finished Blade Runner. That was an amazing flick. I can't believe it's been 38 years since that movie came out.
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