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    • securitybreach
      I agree, I've great luck with SSDs. My oldest is like 5 years old and works just as well as the day that I bought it.
    • sunrat
      I have travelled a lot in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Most scenes in this video could be from there too. The lack of knowledge about hygiene is the most pressing problem and the government is aware of it and has education campaigns. It takes a lot to revert practices of hundreds or even thousands of years. He obviously picked the worst examples to show and I have seen similar, but most places are not as bad. One thing that did annoy me about that video is his lengthy rant about dog meat. It's a common and nutritious source of protein. Why not be equally distressed about other everyday meats? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a cow or pig? They have souls too. Sheep and chickens I'm not so sure. 😜 Kangaroos are delicious but in pest numbers in parts of Australia but tourists get shocked about eating them. The thing that really upsets me is the poaching of rare and endangered animals such as in the first scene. There are quite a few animals which have been hunted to extinction or close to it, many of them illegally. That must stop. 😠
    • sunrat
      My experience does differ. As I mentioned earlier, the issue that prompted this thread was caused by a bad cable or loose connection after moving the box in the car for a location recording. New cable and SSD seems to be fully functional. My first SSD was an OCZ Vertex2 120GB which is still working well and has 56,481 power-on hours. I'm currently on the machine in which it is the system drive. It has always had swap, browser cache, temp etc. on it; all those things that used to be recommended not to put on SSD. 😁 It's now 9 years old and wasn't top end or highly rated when I bought it, just what I could afford at the time.
    • Bookmem
      I have had such bad luck trying to use SSDs for the OS, that I've quit trying.  They claim they should last years, but it seems to me that, particularly with journaling partitions, that some portions of the drive get written to so often that they fail much sooner than HDDs.  And, other than bootup time, a box with enough RAM, doesn't seem to be a lot slower with an HDD.  Of course, your experience may differ.
    • securitybreach
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