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    • I usually keep quiet about my sources when mentioning Debian. I have a PPA for Flacon, had one until recently for PulseEffects but it's now in Debian repos, use Syncthing from its own repo as the Debian one has a minor annoyance which the upstream one doesn't, plus a Suse OBS repo for Strawberry music player (it's actually built for Debian by one of the MX devs). So technically I have a Frankendebian. No issues with anything from those repos though. But regularly we see people at Debian and MX forums who add outside repos and FUBAR their system. With KVM/QEMU and virt-manager, there's usually a way to do what you want but you may have to do some research and get your hands dirty with manual configs. It does often work better than anything else once you're up and running.
    • I predict that will be fixed before you can count to Jack Robinson.   No VPN here, and no "loose" setting in sysctl.conf either. I didn't see a way in either of those articles to actually test vulnerability. There is a setting commented out which is said to mitigate this if you uncomment: # Uncomment the next two lines to enable Spoof protection (reverse-path filter) # Turn on Source Address Verification in all interfaces to # prevent some spoofing attacks #net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter=1 #net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter=1  
    • So now we know not to use forum attachments. I'll edit the first post to put those links in.  
    • New Linux Vulnerability Lets Attackers Hijack VPN Connections Very interesting.   Read THIS, also.
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