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    • securitybreach
      Its all good
    • securitybreach
      Nope, I do not have that directory as I do not have apparmor installed. My VMs are on /dev/sdb1, mount /Drive1/VMs  
    • ebrke
      Okay, there appears to be nothing wrong with the scanner portion of the printer. I decided to start from scratch on my backup laptop, which I don't use too often and which usually doesn't have a printer connected. The system auto-configured the printer when it was detected and I decided to see what that got me. Scanimage -L found the scanner, and when I scanned a document from CLI I was able to do six(!) consecutive scans without an issue. I haven't been able to get more than two with the printer connected to the main laptop, and that was rare as it was usually only one.   When I have a few minutes I'm going to delete all the printer/scanner definitions from my main laptop and see if the process that worked on the backup laptop gives the same results on the main laptop. I did see something briefly when I was searching for info on the error message about certain motherboards having some difficulty with something to do with the error message, but I can't remember any details unfortunately. I'll be interested to see if I can get a working scan setup on the main laptop.   It's some progress anyway. Thanks for your input, Eric.
    • Hedon James
      I'm wondering if this isn't helpful information: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibvirtApparmor#preview   The section "uncommon paths" seems applicable.  I took a look inside the referenced file and see this section: # for hostdev /sys/devices/ r, /sys/devices/** r, /sys/bus/usb/devices/ r, deny /dev/sd* r, deny /dev/vd* r, deny /dev/dm-* r, deny /dev/drbd[0-9]* r, deny /dev/dasd* r, deny /dev/nvme* r, deny /dev/zd[0-9]* r, deny /dev/mapper/ r, deny /dev/mapper/* r, If I'm understanding correctly (and it's debatable whether I am), it looks like my virtual disk storage path /media/jim.... is being blocked by the line deny/dev/sd* r,   You said you're not familiar with apparmor, so wondering if you even have that directory & file.  Would be nice to compare contents if you did...   Don't want to seem pushy for a resolution, just trying to continue researching for myself.  And if it helps you with a diagnosis and proposed solution...even better!
    • ebrke
      Happy Birthday triggl!  
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