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    • securitybreach
      I disagree that the internet is "public thoroughfare". In a perfect world, it would be but the internet is far from cheap and a lot of people do not have internet in our country.   As far endangering some one, that is a huge stretch as  no one is in danger when I use the bandwidth that I pay for. The companies have plenty of bandwidth to give, hence why they temporarily dropped the caps. They just act like it costs them so much. Your upload costs no more than your download speeds do but the companies give you a 10th of the bandwidth for uploading versus downloading.   Also, they were paid $400 Billion to update Broadband in the US but instead they did nothing and just took the money. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/the-book-of-broken-promis_b_5839394   I have zero sympathy with the ISPs, they are the ones to blame for a shortage of internet services. The broadband speeds in the US are not because of a lack of infrastructure but the corporations are very corrupt.   It's easy to blame those that pay for the faster speeds. If you pay for 10mbps, that is what you should get. If you pay for faster speeds, you should be able to use those speeds.
    • Bookmem
      The guy that buys $250,000 sports car would like to use it to its fullest also.  But driving 150mph on public hwys is still frowned upon.  The internet you want to go 150mph on is also a public throughfare and, in this current crisis, going that fast is endangering others.  You are only paying for the LAST MILE.
    • securitybreach
      Very cool
    • abarbarian
      open source hardware and software projects that tackle Covid-19.   As well as the Folding Home project there are many ways that the open source community is rallying around to fight Covid-19. These range from commercial companies and educational bodies donating time, hardware and software development for free or zero profit to individuals making face mask parts on their own 3-D printers. There are too many to post so if you need cheering up have a search around and read up on whats going on.   I was particularly impressed with this offer from SUSE Linux,     SUSE Linux is now a subsidiary of a large corporation who are looking after their employees and subsidiaries in a very caring and competent manner,   https://www.eqtgroup.com/news/EQT-Updates/2020/eqt-update-tackling-remote-ways-of-working/     Shame governments around the world are not run in a similar fashion.   😎
    • securitybreach
      Well I don't know about others but I want what I pay for. I pay for gigabit fiber without a cap so if I want to download a 100gb a day, I have every right to do so (and often do).  
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