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    • Cluttermagnet
      Yeah, who do you think you are- Tom Cruse in "Minority Report"
    • Cluttermagnet
      Perspectives on the use of aromatherapy from clinicians attending an integrative medicine continuing education event   Plenty of folks are using aromatherapy. This is a branch of natural medicine which pre-dates by a country mile our current era of allopathic medicine (M.D.'s) forced in place by insanely rich oil millionaires over a century ago- and they did this 'scorched earth' style, if you read up on the history of this. The allopathic model is becoming steadily more and more obsolete, as humans learn more about science and medicine and are starting to wise up as to what hacks those guys sometimes are. And yet it is seemingly all we've got right now. How unfortunate...   More enlightened people embrace integrative medicine. They aren't dumping their MD's just yet, but they draw on a much wider science and practice which has proven, time after time, to get folks better results.   Personally, I have little doubt that many of these natural medicine techniques are efficacious and far less health damaging than many pharmaceutical approaches. Hey, I've made it abundantly clear, if I am severely injured I am darned sure going to go to a hospital ER and let the orthopaedic MD's  patch me up. They excel at that sort of thing. Am I going to dump my MD? Heck no! I still need him. But I also see a ND now as well (Naturopathic Doctor)- college educated, degreed as an ND, and licensed to practice in my state (having limitations relative to MD's). Frankly, I trust my ND just as much as my MD, and I value both!   Do I think homeopathy and aromatherapy work? Yes, more likely than not they do. I have little personal experience to draw on, but the literature supporting these practices goes back many centuries, probably millenia. The ancient Greeks wrote on these subjects, mainly as regards various herbal remedies. This large body of written and spoken healing traditions would not possibly have survived all these centuries if it were all just 'quackery'! In fact, if you dig deep, you see over and over where the modern pharmacoepia draws heavily on known efficacious molecules from herbs for their own, often second best chemical solutions to health problems. Given a choice, I will always choose herbal supplements and remedies over pharmaceuticals...   (to be continued...)   Clutter
    • securitybreach
      Midori is a nice lightweight browser. https://www.midori-browser.org/
    • Hedon James
      Not sure if in Sparky repos, but Slimjet or Pale Moon are lightweight Firefox and chrome derivatives.  If you're using lxqt desktop, I'd suggest Falkon (formerly qupzilla).
    • DarkSerge
      Greetings.    Just a curious inquiry for some options. What are some good browsers for older, low-resource computers?   I have an old netbook I've tried various distros on (I've posted about it before) and I'm currently looking into the best browsers for an older, slower system. I'm currently using Firefox.   Asus Eee netbook. 1.66 GHz Intel Atom, 1 GB RAM. Nothing major. Originally ran Windows 7 Starter, currently running SparkyLinux. I only use it for the most basic Internet things like chatting or searching. Just curious.   Thanks.
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