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    • abarbarian
      9 of The Best Linux Distros in 2020 Customization: Arch Linux "Arch Linux has grown to become one of the leading Linux distros since its launch back in 2002. The distro is very minimal in its default state, but offers an unbridled level of customization for the more experienced user. There’s no default desktop environment, so you can choose or create one that’s best suited to your personal tastes and the power of your PC. The minimum requirements of Arch Linux are a modest 512MB RAM and an x64 CPU. It’s not the simplest of Linux distros to get your head around, given how much it leaves in the user’s hands to figure, but the documentation is very good, and the sporadic nature of new releases means your custom-tweaked desktop environment won’t deprecate quickly. For more in-depth details on this great distro, check out our Arch Linux review."   Simplicity: MX Linux "Describing itself as a “midweight” Linux distro, MX Linux runs like a dream even on lower-end PCs, and its fairly minimal starting setup makes it a favorite among developers. Yes, its default XFCE desktop environment may look a little dated next to more renowned distros like Ubuntu, but there’s something to be said for keeping things simple. The important stuff is never more than a couple of clicks away in MX Linux. The taskbar brings up a menu of MX Tools, which includes crucial things like PC maintenance and setup options for your system sound and keyboard. The base installation of MX Linux includes a solid bunch of packages that include Firefox, VLC, LibreOffice and GIMP, and you can of course get more through the Synaptic Package Manager, which will point you to the package repositories for MX Linux. If you want to know more about what we think of this great distro, check out our MX Linux review."   Always nice to see intelligent articles and this one tops the lot as it has my fave os at the top spot and my second fave os in second place. Well done that writer. 😋   An the best of it is he did not need a crystal ball as there is no doubt that both distros will still be in their respective positions at the end of 2020 too 🤣
    • abarbarian
      Minus was a sort of picture hosting site that I used for storing some pics. The site morphed over the time I used it and I never got around to moving the pictures. Eventually the site folded. As to the viking picture that is supposed to be on Imgur, I can not find it anywhere in my albums there. They did have a revamp of the site some time ago so maybe it was a casualty of the changes.   https://www.reddit.com/r/imguralternatives/comments/3e195t/minuscom_a_social_networky_image_host/   😎
    • abarbarian
      Inspired by this thread and the fact that I had almost run out of blades for my razor I tried to buy some locally. There were none to be found. I use a twin blade slot in Gillette and have done so since they were first brought out quite a long time ago. They give a nice clean smooth shave and you can shave quite quickly with them. I used to use an old fashioned flat blade razor that was made of a brass type of metal circa second world war I think that I bought from a flea market back in the seventies. However shaving in a hurry always left me looking like a accident victim hence the change to a twin blade. With no blades available locally I searched E-Bay and found,     a whole variety of blades. Several types of Gillette some Wilkinson Sword a few black market types and some Tesco own brand(discontinued). One pack even came with a new handle which was neat as I could use that as my permanent travelling razor. I spent in total £17 and I recon I have enough blades to last for quite a few years, they may even last me till I pop me clogs. As one blade lasts me around three weeks as I only shave to look clean and smart. If I happen to meet the love of my life (I am still looking ) I may run out as I'll probably need to shave more often to keep me cheeks as smooth as a babies bum. I can not get on with electric razors due to the noise they make . I find lathering up and scraping away in total silence almost like a moving meditation first thing in the day. Rinsing of the last of the lather and towelling dry before gazing at my handsome face sets me up for the day.   😜
    • securitybreach
    • abarbarian
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