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    • I'm also starting to consider that MAYBE Debian stable is the right fit for me.  I've been focusing on rolling-releases to solve the re-installation problem, but I'm also reading in Debian forums that dist-upgrades go so smoothly.  With 5-year +/- support windows, a SMOOTH dist-upgrade could suit my purpose just fine.   Coming from the 'Buntu family, nearly every dist-upgrade results in a trouble-shooting session of some sort....if not right away, shortly thereafter.  I've learned that clean re-installs of Ubuntu are the best path forward.  But then I switched to Lubuntu, and the LXDE/LXQT support windows are 3 years instead of 5, so the only way to stay up-to-date with LTS releases is to upgrade every 2 years, or "assume the risk" between years 3-4 (the underlying Ubuntu supports 5 years, it's the LXDE/LXQT GUI layer thats limited to 3).  I've gone down both paths, but both paths lead to a re-install because Ubuntu's upgrade-in-place is never smooth for me....even when it SEEMS smooth, I discover problems later.   So Debian users comments regarding smoothness and reliability for upgrade-in-place catch my ear.  And knowing Debian's "release when ready, and not before" philosophy, I have to believe that includes the upgrade path.  I had a guy tell me he's upgraded his Debian stable "in place" for 20 years now, and still going strong...rock solid.  Whoa, REALLY?!  Seems grandiose, but you have my attention!  Any other Debian users on here care to comment on your Debian upgrade experiences?  I'm only interested in upgrade-in-place experiences....any issues from upgrade?  How many times have you upgraded "in place" without re-installation?    
    • I did notice it. I should have commented at how cute it looks.   I also like the fact that the new version of the software has links to mark forums read at the top and bottom. I don't hink any other place has that and it saves me scrolling, which I like a lot.
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