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    • I have it installed now on my daughters old junker laptop with a broken hinge. It replaced MX-18 and I had to do a full reinstall to get it working. I have had trouble with the Chromium browser though. It won't launch (keeps crashing.) So I installed the .deb version of Chrome and that works just fine. Go figure. I uninstalled and reinstalled Chromium both with Synaptic and in the Terminal with apt and I can't get it to fly.
    • After about a year, I've just now experienced my first problem with Siduction LXQT in a VM.   Looking back, it probably started about 2 months ago, during a dist-upgrade with a new kernel.  I always check the "warnings" in Siduction forum before update/upgrade and wait until "resolved" shows up.  But after a dist-upgrade and re-booting to the DM (SDDM), I have weird blinking "artefacts" where the username & password fields should be.  Switching to TTYs does nothing...she's locked up...the only way out is to shut down VirtualBox and startup again.  After some trial & error, I realize that my prior kernel boots fine, so it's probably a graphics driver in the new kernel that'll get patched or fixed in the next version, right?  Nope...   Each subsequent dist-upgrade with a new kernel displays the same issues during what SHOULD be a SDDM login.  But I keep booting with the old "good" kernel (I think it was 4.20.x?) and I'm back in business...until yesterday.  The most recent dist-upgrade provided new kernel 5.3.0 and a whole host of LXQT upgrades; although nothing appears to be xserver or xorg related, nor sddm related (although sddm is a QT software, so there's that).  Now, I can no longer boot with my previously good "old" kernel, nor any of my more recent kernels; but at least the "old" kernel will drop me into a TTY1 shell if I ctr-alt-f1.  From there, I run the dist-upgrade sequence again, thinking I've got a partial install or broken package, but everything's up to date.   So I'm back to scratching my head and stumble onto the revelation that the most recent kernel will boot to SDDM, where I can select a naked Openbox, Fluxbox, or PekWM session, as well as LXQT session.  So I choose familiar old Fluxbox and voila....I'm in the desktop with a Fluxbox session.  I can also switch on the fly to Openbox or PekWM, and back to Flux again.  So I'm thinking the problem is the LXQT session, right?  Here's where it gets REALLY interesting...if I open a terminal and enter lxqt-session & I now have a very familiar looking and perfectly functional LXQT desktop session.  So maybe it's NOT the LXQT session, maybe its SDDM.  But SDDM boots other sessions just fine.  So now I'm not sure who to point the finger at.  I did some forum cruising on Siduction and found a 2018 thread about SDDM starting very slow; so I'm thinking MAYBE that's my issue, disguised as blinking artefacts before final session launch.  The resolution in that thread was to delete the ./Xauthority file, log out, and log back in without re-booting in order to recreate a fresh ./Xauthority file.  Didn't work for me.    Another suggestion was to replace SDDM (something about problems with "entropy") with LightDM.  I don't want to go there yet, as I have Siduction in a VM to monitor it's long-term viability, and Siduction LXQT's preferred DM is SDDM...which seemed to be working fine until about 2 months ago.  Potential culprits seem to include the kernel, SDDM, and LXQT itself; although it seems that I've ruled each one out, individually, which may suggest a 2-factor factor.  But now I'm at a loss...    Any ideas where to look next?
    • NZ is on my bucket list due to its topography and lack of native killer snakes,spiders etc etc. 😎    
    • I installed MX-19 to a usb on Sunday with the intention of keeping it as my backup get me out of trouble tool. The  persistence set up is very easy and most useful and am impressed with MX's latest offering.Have set it up to run from ram and only tried it on my ToughBook which has 4 GB of memory,an older ssd, and an older cpu " Intel Core2 Duo T7300" ,it runs pretty sweetly if a tad sedately. I bet it flies along on my main rig.   Looks to be an even better offering from the MX team than the 18 version which was bomb proof in my experience. 😎   P.S. apologies  for the hijack.
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