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    • https://youtu.be/y-kJqM7he9o Hi de ho bud. 😎
    • Well I finally managed to make a USB with persistent root and home. It took some time and several attempts.   Initially I tired to create a usb from my Tough Book which is old school, no uefi. I missed out the F8 option at the start screen where you set up boot options at the start of this journey and that caused a few extra problems.   As I did not seem to be able to set up permanent persistence on the Tough Book I thought I would try from my Skylake pc. I tried to use Etcher as I obviously do not have the usb-creator tool shipped with MX on my Arch set up. For some reason this would not work as it kept telling me my .iso was not a usable type. That was strange as it was the same .iso I had used on the Tough Book. Undeterred I thought that dd would do as an alternative so I created the usb. This was to cause more problems. With the newly burned usb inserted in my UEFI Skylake rig I found that there were no "F" options showing up on the opening screen. I bumbled through trying to set up persistence from the opening menu but made some errors and had to try several times before I managed to boot up to a desktop. From within the desktop I could not for the life of me get persistence to look as though it would work. Buttons on tools were greyed out and I finally picked up on the fact that this was a read only Live Session. I think I did manage to use the RemasterCC tool though which threw me slightly. After bumbling around for a while I gave up and decided to try a fresh install from the Tough Book. It was on this try that I found out that if you make a Live USB of MX with the "dd" tool then you only get a read only usb with no possibility of creating persistence on it.It would be most helpful if this information was on the download page for MX. The new install worked and I remembered to use the F8 "save" option at set up. Made a few changes added a couple of programs and some personal files and yay persistence worked. Now to try it in the UEFI Skylake rig. On booting to the opening screen once again there were no F options but I chose the second entry in the menu. This led me to a set of steps starting with setting the language. At this point I thought I had yet another failure on my hands. Running through the options I came to setting up persistence. this led me to a option I had not seen before asking me to "save or not" I saved and the stick booted to a desktop. Where to my surprise I found that all my changes had been saved. Finally I had a persistent usb that would boot both in a UEFI and Legacy pc.   MX-19 runs very nicely both on my Tough Book and my Skylake rigs. I have tried both from the stick and from ram and would leave it running from ram as it is much faster. However I only have 4 GB on the Tough Book and I noticed that swap was being used at some point and I had a minor panic as I did not want the set up to be spoilt due to lack of ram. I think I will use the toram feature though as I will do any heavy tasks for the stick from Skylake as I have 32 GB of ram which hardly ever gets used.   One thing I did notice after I had changed the conky on the desktop was swap. From what I see MX seems to pick up on any swap partitions you have on your pc. I have a 2 GB swap on the Tough Book and 1.48 GB on the Skylake and both show up in the conky. Whether they are usable by MX or not I do not know at this time. If MX can utilise already available swap partitions then there is no need to create a swap partition on the usb as I did on my first try out.   MX-19 after a few minor hicups gets my vote for older pc's and as a very useful backup Live USB. The persistence feature is great as you can keep the stick up to date and keep personal information to hand, like my KeePassXC and Zim files. Well done the MX team.   😎  
    • Pretty boring but I am stuck firmly with Window Maker. It seems to have almost all the fancy stuff more modern DE/WM's have and is easy peasy to customise. I like that I can create or use my own icon images.   I lurve Window Maker.   😎
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