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    • Hedon James
      Back then, Toshiba was top end stuff, far as I was concerned.  And they weren't $5k in their base configuration.  But I chose the nicer screen of the options (color vs. LCD B&W?...can't remember), to bump the RAM as far as it could go, increased the hard drive size to the highest capacity available at CDW, and the BIG ticket upgrade was the CDR...which was an external device that plugged into a port when you wanted CD access.  Consumer CDR was in early stages and that was a $1K+ upgrade, if I remember correct.  I wrestled with that decision, but rationalized that I had "future-proofed" the machine with so many upgrades, and CD media were obviously the way of the future.  I forget the math....700+/- 3.5" floppies equal 1 CD?  It was OBVIOUS were the industry was going, so I talked myself into that also.  Then added a "rush fee" and "expedited shipping" cuz I was so excited to finally get a machine that wasn't expected to crash on a daily basis from the workload I was throwing at it.  (side note:  couldn't have been Win98 right?  Win95 was solid, so Win98 was prolly even better, right?!)   My wife at the time came unglued when she saw the final price, even though we discussed this extensively before I pulled the trigger.  So i'm not sure what her shock and anger were about?  (another side note:  just exactly WHO doesn't listen to WHOM?!)  She reasoned we could've bought a new car for $5K, which was true.  But a new car wasn't a business TOOL that I could use to recoup the investment, plus future funds.  Deaf ears, she had.  That's the ONLY reason I can still remember the price tag, all these years later!   It's amazing to me that we can buy computers today that are 10x more powerful, but at 1/10th the price.  Maybe a better comparison is my first computer....a Commodore 64 with external tape drive/cassette storage.  Can't remember the exact price or the exact specs, but I'm pretty sure it was a 1st generation x86 processor, with RAM in the "KBs" instead of MBs or GBs.  That money spent in the early 1980s would still buy me a decent laptop in 2023, with no need to index it for inflation, LOL!
    • wa4chq
      Wow, I had no clue what they cost new and sorry about the flood...I liked the screen better on the 110 than on the one my folks bought and mine didn't have a CD drive.  I too like the nipple.  I don't recall ever having a mouse plugged in on the 110.  Like you, I went with a Lenovo lappy, the E420.... just for that reason....but now, neither the nipple or trackpad work, so plugged in mouse it is.
    • wa4chq
      Right on......the 110 didn't have a cd drive so my first run with linux & slackware was with floppies.  I was copying every "Linux on a disk" and trying make sense of it.  Once I got the modem setup, I was able to use Lynx and Links to get online.  Biggest issue with the early slack was getting X working!  After messing with it for hours, days, months.....I kinda, sorta figured it out.
    • sunrat
      Beautiful song, beautiful performance.   I worked out which FFconfig setting was blocking me posting vids, or indeed any URLs. It was: dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false It needs to be "true" to allow copy/paste URLs.
    • Hedon James
      Holy Cow!  I think I had that EXACT same laptop in the late 90s!  Bought new from CDW (Computer Discount Warehouse), it was state of the art for the time, and cost me $5K with the RAM bumped up (2k or 2GB?) and external CD drive that plugged in, as CDs were starting to overtake 3.25" floppies at the time.  That Intellipoint (finger pointer) device was always in my way, and was extremely sensitive when it came to moving the mouse on the screen.   But once I got used to it, I LOVED it!  To this day, I prefer it over a trackpad, and I seek Lenovos for this reason!   This is also the machine that was destroyed in a flood because my desk was 1" too short.  Learned a lesson about backups, rebuilt my database of spreadsheets (took me YEARS to accomplish that!) and I'm still paranoid about redundancy in computing.  I'm always looking for 2 ways to do everything, and if I can do both with the same effort, even better!   But back to your Toshiba Satellite....state of the art dream machine in the late 90s, baby!  Nice!
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