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    • raymac46
      I used the non-free ISO before to install Debian on laptops with the Broadcom or Realtek chipset. When I set up Debian on my T430 I  assumed since it was Intel all the way I wouldn't need it. Big mistake. Turns out the Thinkpad had Intel wifi that needed firmware, so I hooked up an Ethernet cable to my router and installed the system with the basic Debian netinstall. Then I installed the firmware from the non-free repo. After a reboot I was good to go. But I could have saved myself some aggravation if I'd used the non-free ISO.
    • sunrat
      That there just nailed my general experience and opinion about anything to do with *buntu.     PS. Bluetooth appears to be working OOTB with my new ThinkPad Yoga 11e with Debian/KDE. I don't actually have any Bluetooth devices to test it, but the panel widget is active and it shows bt in lspci.
    • sunrat
      The non-free Debian installer just includes a few packages of firmware, mainly firmware-linux-nonfree to help get wifi, graphics etc. working. intel- or amd-microcode is advisable to have as well and I think that's included along with firmware-realtek. Ray's link above will get you there. Technically they are "unofficial" images but are hosted on debian.org nevertheless. There's not a lot of info about them on the interwebz but there's not much to say - they are just the same as the official images with a few firmware packages added. https://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#nonfree   I always install Debian using the netinstall w/nonfree, deselecting "Desktop environment" and "-servers" during install and subsequently installing a minimal desktop with the package kde-plasma-desktop from the cli login. I dislike those kitchen sink installers where there are always dozens of applications I never use, preferring to selectively install them as I need them apart from a handful I always install from starters. This time I just copied the package list from my other production system so that package customisation bit was a piece of cake. I'll post those commands here again for posterity: to get the package list from the source system: dpkg --get-selections |awk '!/deinstall/' | awk '{print $1}' >package-selections Then to install on the new system: apt install $(cat package-selections) I did have a couple of 3rd-party repositories to configure and some manually installed packages so had to edit the list slightly before the install command completed smoothly, but basically it was a piece of cake. 😎🍰
    • Corrine
      As described in Protecting users from potentially unwanted applications in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge Blog, beginning with Microsoft Edge build 80.0.338.0, a new feature has been added to prevent downloads that may contain potentially unwanted apps (PUA) by blocking those apps from downloading. Although the feature is off by default, it can be enabled by doing the following: 1.  Open Settings. 2.  Select "Privacy and services". 3.  Scroll down to Services, and turn on "Block potentially unwanted apps". In the event an app is mislabeled as PUA, it can be kept by tapping "…" at the bottom of the notice shown when an app is blocked and selecting "Keep" > "Keep anyway". To report the app as safe, go to edge://downloads/, and select "Report this app as reputable", which will result in a redirect to the Edge feedback site.
    • securitybreach
      Pretty much
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