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    • securitybreach
    • securitybreach
      Such a shame, I love scifi movies.. (and john wayne too)
    • raymac46
      With the exception of "The Day the Earth Sood Still" and "2001- A Space Odyssey" (both certifiable classics) I tend to stay away from Science Fiction. If I want fantasy I'll stick to John Wayne in the US Cavalry or early US TV westerns like "Have Gun, Will Travel." And no, I have not seen any of the StarTrek or Star Wars movies. Humbug!
    • Cluttermagnet
      The original Matrix movie was top notch. Phrases and concepts from it have entered the lexicon for sure, as in the example below. SF is so big now! I think 'they' have been preparing us for 'disclosure' for some time now. It's inevitable, you know.   Credibly sourced, multiply verified accounts exist, quoting a retired Navy Admiral admitting that alien vehicles have been captured and studied by ultra secret, deep cover, extra-govermental groups (aerospace corporations).   Again, our Navy admitted that formerly classified 'gun camera footage' taken from Navy jets chasing in vain after some unidentifieds is real- and unexplainable in terms of our own current technology...   Anyway, we've all seen enough SF now that it won't be quite the societal shock that it once might have been. It's all got to come out, sooner or later...   Clutter      
    • sunrat
      Ah yes, the ZZ or Zanzibar Gem. I'm very tempted to get one but space is scarce now. Most plants are good for indoor air quality. I have spathiphyllum, calatheas, aspidistra, dracaena,  sanseveria which are all good and all enjoy being in east facing windows. My unit is a bit light poor on cloudy days so window is the best place. Loungeroom garden:   Monster bedroom calathea. For scale, that's a mid tower computer on the floor.   Sorry the images are quite large. They're scaled to 25%; I tried 12.5% but they were too fuzzy.
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