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    • V.T. Eric Layton
      Well, shucks. I'll just have to live with it because my version of Slackware is still 14.2 and it doesn't utilize the newer ESR version (115.x, I think).
    • crp
      problem though is that version 68  is not really not safe to use on the internet.
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      Oh, the old box has other issues, but that graphics lockup carp had been really annoying me lately. A lesson to learn, though, for ALL LInux users of any distribution;   It's NOT a good idea to go outside of your repos for software.
    • securitybreach
      Nice that you figure out a solution
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      Well, for months now, I've been experiencing weird graphics lockup of my system. It seems to ONLY happen when I view certain pages/images within the newest Firefox that I've been running for the past couple years in Slackware. I can duplicate this every time by just attempting to view a Google Map, specifically when I try to use "Street View" within that map page.   I just now reverted to the standard ESR version of FF that is in the Slackware repos. I'm hoping this will eliminate the video bugaboos.   OK... I just went to Google Maps and used Google Street View with no issues whatsoever, so my questions/suspicions have been answered. YAY!   My now current Firefox version is: 68.12.0 ESR (64-bit)... far cry from FF 118.x, but that's fine. This ESR version works okely-dokely for me.
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