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    • Hedon James
      So far, so good.  I do not regret it.  And while I continue to hear that LXQt is a "work in progress", and agree that it is, its current state is on par with LXDE as far as I'm concerned.  If it ceases development, I'm fine with it.  It it continues to improve, I can live with that too!  LOL!
    • raymac46
      @HJ I think you have made the right choice with Debian itself, especially since you like to tweak and respin your own custom distro. I believe that Debian with LXQt and XFWM4 is fantastic.
    • raymac46
      We are all told to "embrace change" and "shift paradigms" but it can be painful. I remember how much trouble people in my lab had when the company changed from Windows 3.11 to NT4 back in the 90s. "Where's my Program Manager window? What is this Start button anyway?" Fast forward to Windows 8 and everybody is flummoxed when the Start button goes away. Fortunately I was retired by then. Maybe the problem isn't so much with developers making change, but in the attitude that we know better than you what you'll want/need. Witness the reaction to Flatpaks, systemd, Pulse Audio.
    • Hedon James
      I probably should've given Mint Debian (LMDE) a longer look, but I prefer a larger and active community around a new distro to help me with troubleshooting, tips & tricks, etc...  Unfortunately, LMDE appears to have a limited user base.  But it DOES make it easier, IMO, to install some of the proprietary offerings that Debian seems to discourage.  So maybe when I'm better versed and familiar with the Debian way, perhaps LMDE will be a better fit for me.  I'm open to it, at least...   And while Mint just doesn't do it for me, I do like the way they run their distro.  They seem to be more apt to listen to user-feedback and act upon it.  Clem Lefebrve seems to be fully engaged with his distro, and users on his forums, while Mark Shuttleworth seems to reside in the ivory towers at Ubuntu.  When the KDE3 vs KDE4 and Gnome2 vs Gnome3 wars were in full swing, Mint's response was to introduce a GTK2 Mate desktop as a refuge for disgruntled Gnome2 users, while they developed Cinnamon.  While neither was for me, I noticed that and absolutely respect it.    And I firmly believe that the LMDE is a "safety net" in case of an issue with Ubuntu upstream.  And the more attention I see LMDE getting, the more I think Mint is getting closer to switching away from Ubuntu.  Smart move by Mint to hedge their bets like that.  Again, another move that I think is very smart, and respect.  So Mint has a lot going for it, IMO.  Just not a good fit for me....yet?!
    • Hedon James
      While I agree with your overall statement that people do not like change, I'll respectfully disagree with the bolded part.  Many changes are incremental in nature; and most probably represent improvements, even if it's not improved for YOU.  I'm okay with change, especially if its an improvement.  And I'll agree that changes always alienate SOME users.   What Gnome did wasn't incremental changes to the desktop to improve the user experience.  It didn't alienate SOME users, it alienated a significant portion if not the majority of their users.  It was a wholesale change of the entire desktop paradigm.  And if you alienate the majority of your users, you're essentially telling them you don't care and they're no longer wanted as users.  If that message is communicated to enough users, you'll essentially be developing your own custom desktop for yourself and the other folks working on it with you.  That's not a sustainable strategy for long-term project success.   With that said, I'm a fan of choice, and enough folks liked Gnome3 (or were willing to tolerate it?) enough to retain it.  So it worked out for them.  But I think they succeeded in SPITE of themselves, not because of themselves.  JMO...
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