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    • raymac46
      OK you folks have convinced me. I'll keep the best of the old routers (D-Link DIR-855L) just in case and recycle the other 5.
    • raymac46
      OOpsie! After I got my new router installed I noticed that a few of my older computers were connecting to 195.168.0.X instead of the new network gateway 192.168.1.X. That seemed odd to me, so I logged into the ISP modem and discovered it still had gateway functionality. I had switched it off at the start but the settings didn't take apparently. I was running a double NAT. I haven't made this dumb rookie mistake in years. It works but can cause issues with latency and (wait for it) proper routing and port forwarding. I have now made sure that the ISP gateway is dumbed down to a modem only and now everything is on the same page.
    • zlim
      Talk about not e-cycling things...someone at another forum has a PCMCIA wifi card that he is trying to use in a Windows 95 computer to get it online wirelessly! He asked for help in finding a driver for the thing. Two of us told him basically to stop wasting time on something like that. I'm not sure he'll listen. I got rid of all computers below Windows 2k.  (I still have things on the Y2K and XP offline computers that I use from time to time. )   My current router is a new model of an oldie, Linksys WRT54GL. I have a newer Netgear router as a backup. I learned when my original router went out, it is a royal pain to use a single computer connected to the modem with a cable snaking through the hall to get online.
    • raymac46
      My backup in case the new router fails would be to re-enable the gateway function on the ISP modem. None of the routers I'm recycling would be as good as that.
    • ebrke
      When I got a new router recently, I did keep the old one as insurance against a disaster that might take out the new one. Otherwise, I agree with you. Somewhere buried in my basement is at least one other old router and I think a switch from about 25+ years ago. They really need to go to the recycler if I ever dig them up.
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