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SnapDragonX or an ARM problem?


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from what i've seen and read, the new laptops with the Qualcomm chips can not run VPNs.


Aside from how ridiculous it seems to me to have such a device that can't do VPNs , what is it about VPN that is so hard to implement?


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If memory serves, some types of VPN functionality require the installation of a specific NDIS filter driver from the VPN provider, instead of using what's built in to Windows.  It could be that VPN manufacturers need to write new ARM64 drivers to support this functionality, or perhaps the driver development kit for them was delivered late and/or with incomplete documentation. 


Aryeh Goretsky

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Odd, my raspberry Pis are ARM and they connect to a vpn just fine (mullvad). This sounds like a windows issue and not on the processor side.

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20 minutes ago, crp said:

i wonder if Thunderbolt would work on an ARM system.



Well that would depend on if it has thunderbolt ports or not ;)

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