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tough to diagnose pc problems


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He started out ok but he wasted a lot of time diagnosing it as being hardware without first actually testing the hard drive and partitions.


Once he got to the bios and was able to successfully boot an external media, he should of booted a live linux distro to check partitions and then test the drive itself. From there he could of seen if the OS partition existed and if windows could not see it, he could of use some tools to recover it. Once I seen that the OS partition didn't exist and linux didn't see it either, I would of called the customer and ask some questions. From there, the customer would of verified that he took out other drives and I would of known what to do next.


While he did manage to solve the issue by blowing away a gaming storage partition and reinstalling, he did not actually fix the problem. The customer will put his other drives back in and then run into an issue trying to figure out which drive to boot and how to do so. There would also still be the faulty drive to troubleshoot that did not get looked at.


Plus he never actually found the problem so he just deleted data without fixing anything. Definitely would not hire him for my team ;)



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Booting from a linux distro or a windows setup to check out the partitions does not make a difference.

He did talk to the customer about the data on the storage device.

The task is to get the pc booting and staying on, it is not to hand-hold the person who is getting the free tech service.

He did diagnose and replace the hardware that was causing the problem.


That all being said, there were some things and order of things that he did that I would have definitely done differently.

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