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ImageMagick FTW!


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I've been slowly assimilating in my poor old brain methods of using ImageMagick. It's so powerful , quick, and versatile once you get to know it.

This post prompted by a desire to create a collage of screenshots from a video by my physio of stretches for hips. It's clumsy trying to stop/start the video while doing the exercises! I tried to do it in GIMP and gave up after ten minutes. Searched for how to do it with IM, found a command, and finished it in the time it takes to type:

montage *.jpg -tile 3x2 -geometry +0+0 montage1.jpg

and press enter.

I had already resized the screenshots (made by pressing "S" in MPV) to 1/3 screen size with:

mogrify -resize 1280x720 *.jpg






Video is on Youtoob if you want to do some good exercises:


And a good thoracic mobility one:


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16 hours ago, sunrat said:

I've been slowly assimilating in my poor old brain methods of using ImageMagick.


Ha ha me too. I had to resize some giffs and wallpapers for me new monitor lately and been using these from the IM manual.


Convert Between Image Formats


Use the animate program to animate an image sequence on any X server.


Takes a while to understand some of the commands but as you say once mastered it is so easy peasy.

You did a nice job there. You could try making some of the sequences into giffs.

I have taken some quite small gifs and resized them to full screen for a project and one of them runs for around twenty seconds.


A sample of the commands I used originally.


To get to 1920x1200 see below

$ convert web.gif -resize 364%x180% web1.gif
$ convert turtle.gif -resize 380%x243% turtle1.gif
$ convert lavendar.gif -resize 375%x350% lavendar1.gif
$ convert cosmictest.gif -resize 375%x249% cosmictest1.gif
$ convert skeleton.gif -resize 428%x275% skeleton1.gif
$ convert waterfall.gif -resize 364%x270% waterfall1.gif
$ convert cherry.gif -resize 100%x111% cherry1.gif

$ convert breathtest.gif -resize 387%x412% breathtest1.gif



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Here's a few common commands I use:

#convert to 1920x1080 -

convert image.jpg -resize 1920x1080 out.jpg

#same but keep ratio -

convert image.jpg -resize 1920 out.jpg (#will resize longest side to 1920 but keep ratio)
#same but overwrite original -

mogrify -resize 1920 image.jpg

#same but output as PNG -

convert image.jpg -resize 1920 out.png


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