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What's to like about a cracked tablet screen?


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My Galaxy Tab S7 FE has a cracked screen!  Terrible news, right?  Not in this case.  This is actually the 2nd tablet I've bought in this condition.  The first one was Tab S7 (not S7 FE).  You see, there are shattered screens, that make the tablet unusable.  And then there are ones like I bought, where there is a single crack that can't even be seen unless you hold the tablet at a sharp angle.  At normal viewing angle, the crack is invisible.  But that still cuts the purchase price in half.  The S7 FE, with 128gb, normally sells used for close the $400 in good condition.  I got this one for $150 plus tax and $8 shipping.  Added a high quality glass screen protector now it's as good as new.

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