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Insane ssd or nvme prices !!


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The price of ssd/nvme's at the moment is insanely cheap.


I am building a new pc for me sister and have donated my old nvme to the build as it is almost worthless and not worth the bother selling on.


As I am donating my old single slot dock aswell I thought I would buy her a cheap ssd for backups or storage. I could have bought a 240 GB at EBuyer for £17 plus postage. Where I could have bought a 250 GB nvme for £19 plus postage.




Being from Yorkshire and careful with my loot I took a quick look at E-Bay here in the UK. I found a refurbished 120 GB for £7 inc postage so bought two for her as they were cheaper than the Ebuyer prices. Every penny counts as they say.


Here for information are a selection from E-Bay.








There was even a buy two get one free for 120 GB M2 cards.


I recon the refurbished ones should be ok as ssd's have a very long life span.



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