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Arch Linux Installer Now Supports Hyprland WM, Limine Bootloader


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Archinstall 2.6 is here with support for the Hyprland customizable dynamic tiling Wayland window manager, support for the Limine modern, advanced, portable, multiprotocol bootloader, and support for custom mirrors finally allowing users to add their favorite mirrors.

Also new in Archinstall 2.6 is a revamped partitioning section that has been rewritten, enablement of separate /boot and /boot/esp via XBOOTLDR in systemd-boot, easier saving of configuration files by allowing tab-completion in folder path entry, as well as support for Estonian and Traditional Chinese languages.



The devs warn that this release comes with breaking changes in terms of configuration files and the API layer in order to clean up poor terminology and also separate code logic and uniform parameters for similar functions. Make sure that you read the release notes for more details.


That Limine bootloader looks a lot like rEFIind bootloader. Interesting that it will allow you to use it to boot BIOS and EFI together.





As long as a drive is GPT formatted, and it contains an EFI system partition, it is possible to follow both the BIOS and UEFI deployment procedures in order to create a drive capable of booting on both legacy BIOS as well as UEFI systems. This is useful, for example, for installing an operating system on a USB flash drive which is to be used on multiple systems which may, or may not support UEFI, or to ease moving hard drives across systems.






Limine is lightweight, elegant, fast, and the reference implementation of the Limine boot protocol.

The Limine boot protocol's main target audience is operating system and kernel developers that want to use a boot protocol which supports modern features in an elegant manner, that GRUB's aging multiboot protocols do not (or do not properly).


I am going to set up my extra Arch os so will give the new Archinstall a try out if the wet weather keeps on over here. if it sunny I will be out with the royals. 😎





As previously warned, this release have breaking changes in terms of configuration files and the API layer in several places.
This is in order to clean up poor terminology in the configuration as well as separate code logic and uniform parameters for similar functions.


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