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Hello from Syracuse


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We are spending a few days in Syracuse NY with my daughter's family. Probably shopping, a Zoo visit and maybe a AAA baseball game.

I noticed how much better wifi is getting in the hotels these days. We have smartphones and a couple laptops connected right now.

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A childhood memory- in the summer of 1959, my family left Ontario and

traveled back to the US. Overnight stop the first day on our long drive

was in Syracuse, we stayed in a motel. Next day, on to Maryland. Another

motel stay. Years later they tore it down, and yet these days I occasionally

attend a group meeting on the same piece of property. Who knows, that

restaurant might be within tens of feet of the room my family occupied

way back in '59. And who knows, your motel might be the very one we

stayed in back then. Same town anyway. Little kid memories. Ontario

was 3 good years for me...


Hope you enjoy your stay!




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We are now back at home, while my daughter SIL and family went across the state on I-90 to Niagara Falls.

The hotel we stayed in was definitely not there in 1959. It is just off I-481 in DeWitt. We enjoy visiting Syracuse.

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