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Hello again everyone

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I should apologize for having gone missing for so long. Life threw me quite a few curveballs in the last couple of years. Fran passed away totally unexpectedly not long after we enjoyed lunch together. My best human friend of 40+ years died in a bicycle vs. car accident. I was in a rear-end collision with a 2.5 ton construction truck that totally my sweet little S-10, broke my neck, and put in a collar for two. O this. My best canine friend, Cleo, died in my lap at 2:30 in the morning on the bathroom floor. 
I’m at that age (70 next year) when it seems everyone around me is dying. It’s even a little depressing to come back here, remembering all the good times but also remembering Bruno. 
I don’t mean to be a Debby Downer. I’m just letting you know why I withdrew from a lot of my interactions online. 
I also have retired, which means I’m almost never on Windows or Linux anymore. Needing a system I don’t have to worry much about, I’ve plunged head-first into the world of Apple. Watch, tablets, phone, laptop, all designed in Cupertino and manufactured in sweat shops of death in China.

Since 2016 I’ve become pretty political, and as I was in high school, decidedly liberal/progressive. I know we have always tried to avoid political discussions here, so I won’t say more about that. Anyway, I hope to check back in on a more regular basis. I have a lot of time on my hands these days. I do have a new companion, Stella, an adoptee who was badly abused in a puppy mill for 2 years. She’s an emotional mess but she’s my emotional mess. I’m still blogging and checking out all the new venues that have replaced Twitter/X. I’m on Threads, BlueSky, and 7 different Mastodon instances. Corrine, one of them is infosec.exchange, and I shamelessly plugged Security Garden there. My VA mental health counselor suggested I keep a journal. I told here I do, but it’s only, searchable, archived, and visible to everyone. 
Enough blather for now. Until next time…here’s Stella.IMG_0803.thumb.jpeg.bf018d74d635b65a09e620160f939edf.jpeg

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It is great hearing from you!  You have most definitely been missed.  No apology is needed.  Rather, like I have no doubt everyone else will agree, it is great having you back and definitely hope you stop in on a fairly regular basis.


I haven't bothered with Threads.  I tried Mastodon but didn't really care for it and still prefer Twitter/X.  I'm still not sure about Bluesky but found you there and am following you now.


Stella looks like a sweetie and is very lucky to have you. I have no doubt that with your love and attention she will now have a great life.

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Welcome back. Glad you are hanging in there with all life's curve balls tossed your way.

Stella looks like she'll keep a smile on your face and lift your spirits.

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V.T. Eric Layton



You most definitely have experienced some "life" in the past few years or so, as have I and others. It's what it is, I s'pose. Financial issues; family, friends, and pets dying; troubles with home, autos, etc... it ALL beats you down a bit. I'm very familiar with that. I maintain my sanity to some extent, but I'm definitely getting a bit tired of the "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" BS.


Hang tough, @Jeber! Keep on keepin' on. The alternative isn't something to be rushed into. I wake every day and take that first breath and count my blessings that I'm still here and breathing. I try (and it's often difficult) my best to always see the joy, beauty, and wonder of the world around me.


Stay safe and healthy!



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Nice to see you on, Jeber. It's been a while. Sorry for your losses. Yep, I'm in the

same age range and have had mine. Lost Betty 4 years ago. Lately I am putting

in more of an effort to reach out and network locally. I think those networks

will become increasingly critical going forward. Things are going to get a bit

worse before they get better.


I think politics continues to be very much the 'third rail', and if anything, things

have taken a turn for the worse. Folks are quite emotionally violent towards

others. Everyone is carrying some degree of woundedness- that is to say, more

so than, say, five years ago. I strive to find common ground with others, when and

where possible. In a nutshell, we have been cleverly and very thoroughly divided

and we are all going to pay dearly for having allowed that to happen.


I have two old cats, 18 and 19 years old. My Mariah is 19 and Betty's Java is 18.

Dogs are great companions but refuse to use a litter box. I do better with cats...

Both of mine are doing generally OK, especially considering their years. Betty's

house would be a big, echoy, empty place without them...


Hope to see you back more often. Yes, you've been missed, old friend...




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