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The Novo Button


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I have this old Lenovo Flex2-15D  junker laptop that I use to run EndeavourOS. The other day when I pushed the Power button nothing happened. Even after reconnecring the charger the laptop was totally dead. No BIOS Screen, no GRUB, nothing. I tried connecting a USB drive with Live Linux Mint and nothing - just blackness.

I thought that I probably had a dead motherboard. I was ready to take the laptop apart to rescue the SSD when it occured to me to take a paper clip and press the Novo button (a pinhole reset button) on the side of the keyboard.

At once a rescue menu appeared which gave me the option of Normal Startup. Selected that and the laptop sprang back to life. I don't know what the problem was but the Novo button fixed it. It's a good feature if you have an old Lenovo lying around.

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