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SUSE Preserves Choice in Enterprise Linux by Forking RHEL with a $10+ Million Investment


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Today SUSE, the company behind Rancher, NeuVector, and SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) and a global leader in enterprise open source solutions, announced it is forking publicly available Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and will develop and maintain a RHEL-compatible distribution available to all without restrictions. Over the next few years, SUSE plans to invest more than $10 million into this project.  


Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, CEO of SUSE, said, “For decades, collaboration and shared success have been the building blocks of our open source community. We have a responsibility to defend these values. This investment will preserve the flow of innovation for years to come and ensures that customers and community alike are not subjected to vendor lock-in and have genuine choice tomorrow as well as today.”  


SUSE remains fully committed to investing in its highly regarded Linux solutions such as SLE and openSUSE that countless satisfied enterprise customers and the community rely on. At the same time, it acknowledges that enterprises and the open source community deserve choice and freedom from vendor lock-in. SUSE has a long history in empowering and supporting users with mixed Linux environments.....



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