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Steam black startup screen after updateing Arch.


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13 hours ago, securitybreach said:

Good deal. I was out of town the last couple of days visiting family.


Always nice to keep in touch with family. 😀

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Well my last post from July was a red herring as the supposed fix only lasted for two boot ups. Since then I have had a black screen as in the opening post every time I try to open steam. I have tried all sorts and am fed up with reading posts that lead to dead ends.

So my next idea was to install a os to a spare drive and just use it for gaming. Arch would not do as it needs constant updates and I game in spurts so I would probably end up with gremlins again. What to choose as a os ??

 Looking at the SteamOS, ChimeraOS,winesapOS  and HoloISO  all seem to have problems related to nvidia cards and also some of them are based on Arch.  I had read about the Fedora spins that are dedicated to gaming and there is the Nobara Project supported by Glorious Eggroll. There are lots of other so's too but non of them seemed suitable for my needs.

Then I read about Bazzite which is a Fedora based os.





Bazzite is an OCI image that serves as an alternative operating system for the Steam Deck, and a ready-to-game SteamOS-like for desktop computers and living room home theater PCs.

Bazzite is built from ublue-os/main and ublue-os/nvidia using Fedora technology, which means expanded hardware support and built in drivers are included.


Sounded promising but I did not want to spend the time at the moment to learn about .rpm's etc etc. Worth a look later on when the weather gets bad though. Then I spotted,





Bazzite-Arch is a ready-to-game Arch Linux based OCI designed for use exclusively in distrobox. It is part of the Bazzite project and is used for running Steam, Lutris, and Protontricks in the desktop images. It may also be used on any Linux distributon by following the usage section below.


Seems like it was made just for me.


Now I have no experience with distrobox or podman etc etc so I did a minimal read about and plunged right on in.


So now I can start steam from a terminal just by typing "steam" and everything works just fine. Whooooooooooooooooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :happyroll:


However I think (read know) that I have not quite got things set up correctly. I have bazzite-arch installed, well at least I think I have. Spot the difference in the two terminals.




I thought that I would start steam from the bazzite-arch terminal (as shown above) but it will not start and throws up some error.


After closing both the terminals I found that I could start steam as normal and looking at htop showed no signs of any bazzite-arch stuff running. However I noticed that I have two sets of steam folders which I do not recall before.





I found a bazzite-arch desktop entry which opens up a terminal and I can start steam from that also.


So I am puzzled as to what is going on. Fairly happy that I did not bork my Arch and that I can now play games again.  :clap:



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I still do not understand why it didnt just work in the beginning. I have been playing games again since steam released proton in 2018 and have not ever had an issue with the client. That was on my desktop with nvidia and on various laptops with intel cards. As far as ~/.steam and ~/.local/share/Steam, those folders are a normal part of a steam install.



The default Steam install location is  ~/.local/share/Steam.... LIBRARY normally is ~/.steam/




Good that you found something that works but I still do not understand why a normal arch install isnt working for you.

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5 minutes ago, securitybreach said:

Good that you found something that works but I still do not understand why a normal arch install isnt working for you.


Ta for the info on the folders. I am getting a tad confused what with all the red herrings I have been following.


Yup I have had no problems with Steam since I started out on Arch and have always used a Nvidia card, that is quite a few years now, might even be stretching into my second decade.


Problems started with an update back in June. I have a feeling that the fault may be mine. Probably due to fiddling around with stuff I should have left alone. I seem to remember that I was trying out some new programs etc etc at the time.

Trouble is I can not track down what or where the gremlin is in the system. Do not want to and do not really have the time to do a clean install at the moment. Loading the os would be quite quick but it is all the little things that are tweaked that would take up a lot of time. As I am running ok apart from Steam I will wait for the bad winter weather forcing me to stay inside before I do a clean install.


I am dead impressed with the distrobox and the bazzite-arch stuff. So I may have a play around further with distrobox later on.


Off for a quick half hour of Witcher Wild Hunting while I still have it running 😋

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