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RIP Cynthia Weil


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Cynthia Weil passed away on June 1. She and her co-writer Barry Mann had close to 100 hit songs. This one was one of their most famous.


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What a prolific writing career! Thank you, Cynthia...


A great old song. Triggers other memories for me. Probably everyone remembers

"House of the Rising Sun". But I also remember Burden for "Sandoz". When we

were young...


Which brought me unexpectedly to this mostly unrelated piece from the same era:




Extended version here (nicely done):






Ahhh, yes-  there were good parts in those good old days. Haunting melody

written by Michael Brown. They got a standing ovation for a performance

of this piece at a reunion concert in NY in 2012.


Music is like a bookmark, it opens forgotten pages...




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The Left Banke's version of Walk Away Renee is my personal favorite although the Four Tops covered it about the same time. Vonda Shepard reprised it in the 1990s for Ally McBeal.

Pretty Ballerina is also a great song but relatively obscure.. Both songs written about Renee Fladen - singer and vocal coach.



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V.T. Eric Layton
7 hours ago, Cluttermagnet said:

Music is like a bookmark, it opens forgotten pages...


Music for me has always meant memories. There's rarely a tune that I hear that doesn't have some memory associated with it.

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Interesting how, if a song is memorable and keeps bouncing around in one's

head, other variations soon suggest themselves. After 'sitting' with The Left

Banke's "Pretty Ballerina" for several days, it morphed into "Auntie Grizelda"

by the Monkees. It's as if the Left Banke and the Monkees were given exactly

the same collection of 5 or 6 notes and told to write a song with them.





At some point I realized that, despite the Left Banke being described as

having a 'baroque rock' sound, what I was hearing in "Ballerina" was more of

a middle eastern sort of melody to my ears. A few days later, The Hollies

popped into my head with "Stop Stop Stop". Admittedly not the exact same

group of notes, but related- and with that strong middle eastern imagery

of a belly dancer.





FWIW when I think of what I'd call 'baroque rock', I think of Jethro Tull-

But for some reason I couldn't stand his sound. I'm sure lots of folks

liked him fine, though.





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I have heard the Left Banke sound described as "progressive rock" and the primary producer of that sound in the 60s was Bones Howe. Notable Prog Rock Groups were Procol Harem, the Moody Blues, even the Association. The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" and some of the later Beatles stuff had elements of Prog  Rock.


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