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A Mischief of Mice


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I have a number of old laptops around here that I use to test out various Linux distros. Their touchpads are generally bad so I use a mouse with them. The most annoying thing is when you want to use a given laptop and the USB receiver and mouse is with another of the old laptops somewhere else in the house. I got tired of running around so I have gradually picked up some cheap mice when they are on sale at Staples or Amazon. I now have one mouse per laptop. I read recently that a bunch of mice is called a Mischief - so that's what I have now.

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a bunch of mice is called a Mischief

Well that's a new one for me.

The first thing I do is attach a mouse to a laptop. I'm poor at trying to use a trackpad. We own 5 "mobile" mice. Enough for 2 laptops, a chromebook and 2 spares.

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V.T. Eric Layton

Simplify your life by having NO laptops, tablets, or other Internet devices anywhere in your home. Have just one main system (preferably a tower/desktop) sitting in one room in your home. It makes life ever so much less crazy.




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