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Rhododendrons are a forest plant. They tolerate shade well. Their springtime floral displays are at times breath-taking, splashes of light or darker pink, sometimes

white blooms. We have several at Casa Betty and I was inspired by hers to plant three of my own at Casa David. Like many under story plants, they are slow growers

and can take decades to reach appreciable size. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds enjoy their nectar...


Over the winter they develop fat, spiky pods from which the flowers unfurl. They have a strategy. One bloom 'walks point', a single first bloom to test conditions,

as they flower soon after the danger of frost has passed. If it survives, the remainder of the blooms follow the next few days. There she is in the middle, brave

and solitary. She fades rapidly as her sisters open. Not as big and fabulous, but she was first...




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