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Woodstock Director's Cut

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You know yer gettin' old when you watch Woodstock - Directors's Cut (4 hrs) on Turner Classic Movies.

One mystery to be solved is why Jefferson Airplane was kicking off the 3rd day of Woodstock at 8 AM. They were one of the biggest American groups in 1969, and they were one of the first to sign on for the Festival. So howcum?

Turns out they were supposed to be the closing act on Saturday night but all the rain and thunder stalled the lineup and they just couldn't get on stage in time. So they played a great hangover banishing set - all their hits plus some new material from "Volunteers."

Hardly any of this made it into the movie as the videographers screwed everything up and the footage was awful. Some nice shots of the beautiful Gracie but little else. The audio survived and was later released as a live LP.

Watching the movie, you'd think Sly and the Family Stone and Ten Years After were the headliners. Not so much if you were actually there.

You learn something new every day. Even after 54 years.

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I was just 16 when the festival took place. It sparked my imagination and sent me of on the hippie trail. :hug:

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