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Little Distro That Could


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About 5 years ago I helped my neighbor install a network and new printer. He had just gotten a new i5 laptop because he was frustrated with his 2010 Toshiba NB305 Netbook. He was going to junk it but I took it off his hands. It is a nice piece of hardware but has only 2 GB max RAM and at the time ran Windows 7 Starter. It was slow and brain dead.

I replaced its HDD with a cheap 64GB SSD and for the first time installed Arch Linux. That was also about 5 years ago I think.

It has been rock stable ever since. Just updated again yesterday. It's pretty useless for web surfing but I can do some word processing/spreadsheet stuff with it. I need a lightweight browser like Midori to do any web stuff at all. I started out with Xfce and now run LXQt on it. I keep it going as proof of concept of how stable Arch Linux is. Arch is truly the little distro that could on this ancient Netbook.

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