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Scareware in 2023


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Maria's friend Shari (AKA Lillian 2.0) got another one of those scareware browser hijackers that goes full screen, starts screaming about viruses at full volume. I had to get her to kill Google Chrome in the Task Manager. Shari uses Microsoft Defender or possibly McAfee (not really sure) for security. She has the free version of Malware Bytes but she probably has not run a scan in a while.

I never get this crap because I have both ESET and MalwareBytes online running at the same time. Has anyone got any ideas where this stuff might be coming from?

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It's probably browsing habits. I've noticed a lot of fake medical advice sites popping up in my news feed. They usually start with "Do you have aches and pains"..... Of course, I don't click on them.



I only use Windows Defender on 15+ PC's at home and work and never get this.


I am in no way trying to be derogatory just factual.

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I think Shari needs some sort of anti-malware warning to stop her from visiting dodgy sites, and maybe a popup blocker. I don't think her antivirus is the problem. More something between the chair and the screen.

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I have checked in with Shari and she does confirm she has run a MalwareBytes scan with no issues. So she must have gotten an ugly popup from some random website. I have not installed an adblocker like uBlock Origin because I thought it would be more trouble than it was worth as far as tech support goes. With Shari I try to keep it as simple as possible.

At least nothing nasty has been installed.

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